Dog The Bounty Hunter confirms Moon Angell moved out

Moon Angell has packed up her bags and left Duane “Dog” Chapman’s house. Dog The Bounty Hunter’s long-rumored girlfriend officially moved out and is no longer living with her best friend, Beth Chapman’s widower.

Chapman Family Drama Over Dog Living With Moon

It has been a drama filled time for the Chapman family since Matriarch Beth Chapman’s sad passing from lung cancer in June of 2019.

Dog leaned hard on Moon Angell following Beth’s death. He was crumbling. The famous 67-year-old rugged bounty hunter even considered suicide as a way to escape his pain and reunite with his beloved Beth.

Moon, who also used to date Dog’s son, moved in to help care for Dog during this difficult time. And she ended up removing Beth’s clothes from the closet to replace them with her own. This was too much for Dog’s daughter Lyssa.

At one point, Lyssa called the police on Moon’s son for violating a protective order prohibiting substance abuse. She then tweeted a veiled threat that she was also coming for Moon, which has since been deleted. “Nothing like a good dose of JUSTICE. One down, one to go. ??,” Lyssa Chapman tweeted.

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Dog is trying to find his footing after losing his beloved partner Beth. The pair were inseparable, making it hard for the grieving Dog to figure out how to live life without her. Moon attempted to step up and fill that void in some capacity but nothing will ever replace Beth.

Days ago, Duane “Dog” Chapman tweeted out that he was missing Beth.

This family has been in a tailspin as they grieved Beth and saw Dog’s life being up-ended by someone they felt was betraying Beth and taking advantage of Dog’s vulnerability.

Dog and Moon’s Relationship

Tensions were heightened recently when Dr. Oz released clips from his show in which the famed Bounty Hunter was shown proposing to Moon.

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Dog promised Beth he would never remarry yet seven months later he was appearing to ask for just that. There was a swift and reaction from fans and daughter Alyssa.

Thankfully, the proposal was shown to be a test once the Dr. Oz episode finally aired. Squashing the swirling Dog and Moon engagement rumors.

And now the two are no longer even under the same roof.

TMZ is reporting that even though Moon moved out, she and Dog are still on very good terms. And Dog was grateful for her help. He just knew it was time to put this cohabitating situation in the past.

Dog Confirms Moon Moved Out

Dog confirmed the change in living arrangements by sharing the story of Moon’s exit on his Facebook page. He also thanked Moon for her help.

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