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Tensions continue to escalate in the bounty hunting Chapman family following matriarch Beth’s death from cancer last year. Most recently, Dog the Bounty Hunter’s girlfriend’s son was arrested after Dog and Beth’s daughter Lyssa called the cops on him.

Justin Bihag was booked for suspicion of violating a protective order prohibiting substance use, according to Fox News.

Justin also goes by Justin Chapman because of his proximity to the Chapman family. He is often referred to as “Dog’s nephew” on their television show. He is the son of Moon Angell, who was Beth’s friend and became Dog’s sidekick now that Beth has passed away.

Lyssa Celebrates After Calling Cops On Dog The Bounty Hunter’s Girlfriend’s Son

Moon and Lyssa Chapman have been locked in a public battle. Dog and Beth’s daughter believe Moon is using Dog and feels it is inappropriate for Beth’s friend to move in on him so quickly.

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Lyssa appeared to take a victory lap on Twitter about Justin’s arrest. “Nothing like a good dose of JUSTICE. One down, one to go,” she tweeted.

There currently is a court order for Justin to stay away from alcohol and drugs. He apparently slipped and Lyssa saw an opening in her battle against Moon and called the police.

The cops found Justin smelling like alcohol and there were signs of drugs in the home too. TMZ reports that Justin tried to wrap Dog into the drama involving his arrest.

Following Beth’s death, Moon Angell shared the Instagram post below stating she will never forget the buxom bounty hunter.

Shortly after that, Moon and Dog began spending a lot of time together. The Chapman children aren’t comfortable with it as they are still grieving the loss of their mother.

While Dog reportedly promised Beth that he will never marry again, the rugged bounty hunter did say he was open to dating in the future. He knew that being alone would be hard for him, and it seems he’s found comfort and a companion in Moon.

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Beth was the glue that bound this family together. So it could take time for them to find their footing after losing the family matriarch.

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