Dog The Bounty Hunter suicidal thoughts

Dog the Bounty Hunter’s struggle with grief, and the accompanying family drama, is playing out on television. So many fans developed a connection with Dog and his departed wife Beth through their “Dog The Bounty Hunter” shows. His upcoming appearance on “Doctor Oz” is proving to be a roller coaster of emotions in which he discusses his turmoil, including his suicidal thoughts as he deals with life without Beth.

Moon Angell Was Beth Chapman’s Maid Of Honor

The show will air Monday, February 3rd and the clips that have been released have been raw and shocking. Dog has leaned hard on Moon Angell since Beth’s death. This has caused a considerable amount of tension within his family. Moon previously dated Dog’s son and she also was a very close friend of Beth. She was the Maid of Honor at Dog and Beth’s wedding. The Chapman family matriarch said she didn’t want Dog to remarry. She always wanted to be Mrs. Dog. His sudden attachment to someone so close to their mom has made the Chapman children feel very betrayed.

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The teaser clips show how much Dog is struggling. He has never shied away from sharing his feelings with his fans, but these are brutal clips to watch. They highlight the pain that he is experiencing. He depended so much on Beth and he clearly is grabbing onto Moon to cope. He credits her with saving his life when he had given up hope and was thinking about ending his life so he could join Beth.

“Well, I couldn’t stop crying,” Dog told Dr. Oz. “I’m Apache, I wasn’t going to commit suicide with a gun or something. I was going to take a lot of pills because she left — Beth left all her big pills there. So I thought, I just need one drink a water.”

A stunned Dr. Oz asked Dog, “You were going to commit suicide?” The reality television star confirmed that that was the case but Moon brought him off the ledge.

Dog And Moon Are “Intimate”

Dr. Oz then asked if the relationship was intimate as Dog had previously spoken of it in more foggy terms. Moon put that confusion to rest by replying, “it has to be,” and continuing that “powerful things going on with Dog.”

Dog even tweeted the video clip of this explosive revelation. It can be hard to watch as it clearly shows a man in extreme pain and trying to find his way after losing the love of his life. He is leaning hard on Moon. This is certainly a man in crisis.

Dog also proposed to Moon on the show. He claims it was not expected and he did it because God told him to while he was on a bathroom break during taping. However, the couple is not engaged. Dog’s emotional state is rather fragile right now. It’s understandable why his children are so concerned.

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