What’s Going On With SmackDown + Will Samoa Joe Turn Face?

WWE shows have been a mess this year. The company brought in two big names to help fix things, but while RAW is improving, SmackDown is not.

-We’ve heard a lot about the state of the backstage areas on both RAW and SmackDown. Part of this stems from the chaotic world of creative, and that was believed to at least be a part of the reasoning behind bringing in both Paul Heyman (RAW) and Eric Bischoff (SmackDown). While Vince McMahon would retain final say, the thinking was that both of the new directors would help reduce the craziness and improve the on air product.

For RAW, that has largely been the case. As Heyman has gotten comfortable in his new role, fans have been able to enjoy a largely improved product. That has not, however, been the case for SmackDown.

For one thing, Bischoff got into his role a couple weeks after Heyman did. For another, there have been reports indicating that Eric Bischoff will be less involved in the creative process, and is more there (at least initially) to help the move from USA to Fox.

As such, we’ve gotten some good RAWs followed by less than good SmackDowns, as was the case yesterday.

As confirmed by Alvarez over at The Observer, yesterday’s blue brand show was yet another day-off re-write.

As you can see from the tweet, a lot changed from even that point up until the end of the show. Re-writes happen, but they aren’t helping SmackDown at all. Hopefully Bischoff gains some influence and can have a similar impact on the blue brand as Heyman has had on RAW.

-Also from The Observer, there’s talk that WWE is positioning Daniel Bryan as a heel that even heels don’t like. That news is, in and of itself, interesting…but it’s relevant to Samoa Joe too.

Joe was verbally sparring with Roman Reigns on RAW, right before the attempted vehicular manslaughter. Joe helped Reigns. There’s the expectation of a Reigns/Joe versus Bryan and Rowan match on Sunday.

So, if Bryan is a heel that heels don’t like…is Joe turning babyface, or is he still a heel? Fans love Joe, so he’s more of a tweener I think, but it will be interesting to see. Joe could easily team with Reigns and then turn on him, if WWE opts to keep him heel.

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