SummerSlam Expected Length + Will President Trump Appear On SmackDown?

SummerSlam is a couple weeks away, and we are hearing now about the possible length of the show. Plus, will President Trump lay the SmackDown on Fox?

-It seems with each happening of a Big Four WWE PPV, the run times grow and grow. This is no doubt at least partly driven by the WWE Network component of things, now that the company doesn’t have to worry about the way things were done via legacy PPV outlets.

WrestleMania has been evolving into a marathon of sports entertainment, with coverage and content lengthening to Super Bowl level  durations.

Up next for a growing run time? SummerSlam.

Per Wrestling Observer, expect to see a number of additional matches announced and added in the coming weeks, as it’s being reported that WWE is eyeing a six hour length, give or take, for the Biggest Show of the Summer.

Perhaps with that amount of time in mind, the tag line should be more like “Longest Show of the Summer”.

Regardless, if the company plans and executes things well, it could end up not feeling like a drawn out show. There is enough talent on the roster that could be given a chance to shine (like, another of the stellar Cruiserweight Championship matches we’ve been getting, perhaps).

-In a bit of a surprise, there has apparently been discussion about having a very high level special guest appear on SmackDown once the brand moves to Fox this October.

No, this one isn’t about The Rock (though, that is being discussed too, apparently).

In this case, there’s rumblings, covered by numerous outlets, indicating that Fox executives have expressed an interest in having current President Donald Trump to appear on the show when it debuts on the network this fall.

Per reports, it seems that Fox executives made the request to WWE officials to get Trump on the show. No word on if things might actually happen, but the President is friendly with Vince McMahon and WWE…and of all the networks, Fox is the one that trends more Republican, so there could be an opportunity there.

It could be an interesting publicity stunt, but we shall see if it actually happens.

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