UFC Star Offered Millions To Join WWE, EC3 Posts Cryptic Message

Chael Sonnen recently relayed a story about how much he was offered to jump ship from the UFC to the WWE. Also, EC3 sends cryptic message to fans.

– Chael Sonnen spoke with ESPN’s Ariel Helwani recently, relaying a very interesting story about an offer the WWE made him. He stated that a WWE representative, did not say who, called him up at one point, offering him a seven-digit amount to leave the UFC after UFC 148, or simply be a no-show at the event. At that point in time, Sonnen was the UFC Middleweight Champion, with a fight against Anderson Silva on the horizon. The offer grew significantly if he left the UFC as champion, and came to the WWE.

He actually got two offers. One was to not show up to UFC 148, or the even bigger offer was to go to the event, beat Silva, and then come to Monday Night RAW with the UFC belt the next Monday.

Sonnen would go on to state that he was offered $1 million to no-show the UFC event, and $5 million to some up to RAW as UFC Middleweight Champion. As it turns out, he didn’t consider either scenario, which may have been a good idea since he did not end up beating Silva that fateful night.

Interestingly enough, Chael did ask the WWE rep why they wanted him so bad, and according to him, there was a pause, and then the person from the WWE stated, “to stick it up Dana White’s ass.”

See tweet below. CM Punk clearly found the post very interesting too …

– EC3 was called up to the main roster earlier this year; however, after a short program with Dean Ambrose didn’t go so well, he’s done little on Monday Night RAW since. Sadly, rumors have been circulating that Vince McMahon isn’t too high on EC3, which could explain his limited use on the Red brand since.

Having said that, he did participate in a funny and entertaining segment last night that saw him trapped in an elevator with some superstars, as well as the current 24/7 Champion R-Truth. EC3 did well in the segment; however, he sent out a cryptic post via Instagram this morning, leaving many wondering what lays ahead for his future in pro wrestling and the WWE. See below:


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Our mistrust of the future makes it hard to give up the past.

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