Wrestlemania 35: The WWE Universe’s Dreams Became Reality

For the first time in a long time, the WWE Universe went to bed after a Wrestlemania, feeling good; without any bitter thoughts regarding the flagship PPV.

For the first time in years, this wrestling journalist feels like Wrestlemania truly felt like Wrestlemania. Off the cusp of begging WWE Creative for a feel-good WM this past Friday, in my weekly column that addresses this division of the company, my own eyebrows raised at the end of last night’s show, wondering if they read it and took my advice.


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Yes, the show was long. Yeah, Becky Lynch’s finish on Ronda Rousey seemed a tad controversial; however, overall the Grandest Stage of Them All delivered this year, truly fulfilling the hopes and dreams of the WWE Universe. From The Man walking away double-champion, to Seth Rollins officially opening the main card and earning his name as Beast Slayer, to Kofimania running wild; WM 35 hit fans in all the feels by giving them exactly what they want. We finally got a WM where the good guys came out on top.


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IT’S OFFICIAL: Your NEW Universal Champion @wwerollins #WrestleMania

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Which is exactly what ‘Mania is all about. I’m not sure if Vince McMahon’s goal 35 years ago was to create a flagship pay-per-view where a culmination of a year’s-worth of storylines came to an explosive end with the faces enjoying a good celebration, but that is exactly what WM accomplished during times when WWE was riding a high wave (looking at you, Golden and Attitude Era). Even during the Preshow, Curt Hawkins finally broke his losing streak, and while many fans love the Revival as RAW Tag Team Champions, the softer side of us all also loved to see Hawkins losses streak finally come to an end, and a championship end at that. Meanwhile, there are many who are annoyed by the IIconics, who really do teeter between face, heel, and comedic side show, there tag team win was fitting and remained true to the characters, allowing for that feel-good story of their history and this tag titles accomplishment for the two, to unfold on social media. Even the hardest of hard fans can’t help but be happy that Wrestlemania was truly IIconic. I mean, even the Miz losing wasn’t that hard of a blow, after all, when the two climbed that scaffold, Miz suplexed McMahon, with the two falling 15 feet; creating an incredible Wrestlemania moment, with the Miz losing only by default of being under Shane.

The McMahon Family made a promise that they would listen to the WWE Universe in late December last year, and many fans scoffed at the entire idea. While there are many differing personalities in the company’s fanbase, many differing demographics, the truth of it all is, is that the majority of us wanted to see Becky Lynch, Seth Rollins, and Kofi Kingston come out on top. Other PPV matches and stories aside, which still offered entertainment and all those feel-good fuzzies, the WWE undeniable delivered on that commitment in late 2018 that the fans were in charge.

And they did so with finesse. Seth Rollins opening the show with a win set the babyface “raw-raw” tone; Kofi’s win in the middle, with Xavier Wood’s ugly cry when he won, Big E’s giddiness, and Kingston’s kids coming to the ring to celebrate after his WWE World Heavyweight Championship win was flawless; and The Man holding high those two Women’s Championships in the air to close the show wrapped everything up nice perfectly.

Life moves on, and we officially into a brand-new season, starting a new WWE path with three new champions. While it is uncertain on what road they will travel after tonight, where they’ll go, and what new challenges await, they can all revel in their successes, and know they were are part of one of the best Wrestlemanias, so far.

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