Dear WWE Creative, Give Us A Feel-Good Wrestlemania 35

Dear WWE Creative,

We are the cusp of Wrestlemania 35, the Grandest Stage of Them All, the holy grail of spotlights for superstars, the flagship pay-per-view (PPV) for the WWE and its fans.

And the buildup to most of the programs have been flawless: the main event has been something that the WWE Universe has been invested in since late 2018, with a sparkle of historic-ness added to the bout, there’s a lot riding on these women, their careers and the outcome of the match. Becky Lynch has been riding an incredible wave since last SummerSlam; Ronda Rousey has smoothly transitioned into WWE life and helped to further elevate women’s wrestling with her main stream name attached to this bout; and while Charlotte Flair has been brought along for the ride, she too has helped push this program along in her own way (wwoo!)


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THREE DAYS #RondaVsCharlotteVsBecky #wrestlemania35 streaming live this Sunday on #WWEnetwork

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Then we have Kofimania running wild within the WWE Universe on SmackDown LIVE. It’s interesting how something like the injury of another superstar, a mishap in many ways, can change the course so dramatically on the Road to Wrestlemania. Kofi wasn’t supposed to be anywhere near the WWE World Heavyweight Championship; however, after an incredible 11-year career without a true shot at high-level gold, here he is.

Then, we have the Kingslayer, the Architect, and soon-to-be-known-as (hopefully) the Beastslayer, looking to finally rid the WWE of phoney-bologna Brock Lesnar, who once again (on a part-time basis) finds himself atop of the Monday Night RAW roster as Universal Champion; something most fans don’t want to see.


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A prophecy. A man possessed.

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To say the WWE Universe is longing to see these three top stories close with happy endings is an understatement, and kudos to you WWE Creative (and all the talent involved in the above rivalries), for crafting such compelling programs that have us all invested so heavily, anxiously awaiting Wrestlemania, for the first time in so many years.
But, then there’s that little problem around happy endings and WWE (creative) logic. It seems weird to have all babyfaces win their top matches, just as it would seem weird if all the heels come out on top … right?

I know fans are worried, because in the past, WWE logic reigns that not all faces should win all headlining matches at Wrestlemania; after all, this isn’t a house show. Plus, surprises sprinkled in, both good and bad, offer a nice shock value. Therefore, if Kofi Kingston wins, does that mean Brock Lensar stays champion? Or worse, Becky Lynch will not close this chapter in a feel-good manner by walking out of that MetLife stadium with both titles strapped to her shoulder?

Well, that doesn’t seem right … and if Kofi loses … well then that doesn’t seem right either.

So, here what I propose: how about leaving the fans with a feel-good Wrestlemania. If that means Nia Jax and Tamina have to win the Women’s Tag Team Championships, or a heel mid-carder is crowned the victor of the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, then so be it. Maybe let Shane win over the Miz (and much as I don’t want to see that, I’ll sacrifice).

But, in order to truly see where you are going, then take a look at where you have been: as child, one of the fondest moments I had around WM is that the good guys always won those top-end matches. Main events were not created for shock value, rather to close stories on a high note. Headlining bouts always had me feeling that faces could do anything, overcome anything, and come out on top. The matches didn’t end to start up another storyline; rather, they were to close a chapter in its truest sense of the word, allowing for these larger-than-life superstars to bask in their winning glory, and WM moment.

The WWE Universe, your loyal fans, believed in promises that were made at the end of 2018 by the McMahon Family; a clean slate, listening to the audience, focusing on what your viewers want.

If that is the truest of commitments, then feel the WWE Universe on this one, understand that what we really need at this point in our relationship with this brand is a feel-good Wrestlemania; sprinkle the character turns, heel wins, and negative shock value within the card, and leave the fans with something happy as the headline matches unravel.