Fine Issued For Botched Main Event, Sasha Banks Upset Post-WM?

The aftermath of Wrestlemania 35 rolls on as someone is fined for the main event botch, and The Boss may be upset about a backstage incident from the event.

– Many fans were scratching their heads at the end of the Wrestlemania 35 main event that saw Becky Lynch pin Ronda Rousey to become the new champ champ of the WWE women’s division.

It seems that the closing bout of Wrestlemania was botched, and the referee for the match is being blamed for all this. According to a report from Fightful Select, Rod Zapata, WWE referee for the match, received some heat for the botch right after the bout, and was pulled aside by Vincent Kennedy McMahon himself, when he got to the Monday Night RAW after WM.

McMahon would end up talking to Zapata about his huge mess up, and what he should have done instead. The count should’ve been stopped, as the company informs their officials to call matches as if they are a shoot. That being said, as Ronda’s shoulder was obviously up, the count should have been stopped, and perhaps at least waited for her shoulder to be back down on the mat before counting again.

As per the report, Zapata was fined for the botch; however, the amount of the fine has not been stated. It seems Vince also informed the referee that the bout should have gone on, and if a talent messes up in the match, then the mistake would land on their shoulders.

Speaking of Wrestlemania drama, it seems that Sasha Banks may be upset around an incident that occurred backstage during the Grandest Stage of Them All.

She’s tweeted some cryptic posts on social media after her Women’s Tag Team Championship loss at this Sunday’s event, which many within the WWE Universe raising an eyebrow; however, she’s received some massive attention for also pulling out of the Wendy Williams Show.

The Boss has stated the cancellation is for “personal reasons”, but this doesn’t lessen the blow around the Williams Show being quite upset about Banks not appearing.

According to Ringside News, buzz has begun to swirl that there may have been a backstage incident at WM that involved Banks. It is being said that the entire thing unravelled after her tag titles loss, and that Banks is very upset about what happened. Interestingly enough, Bayley was sent to the ring on her own during the RAW After Wrestlemania to square off against Alexa Bliss, who is finally back in the ring for competition, and The Hugger also lost quite quickly and easily to Little Miss Bliss.

Speaking of the Fight Feet of Fury, Bliss may be tangled in all this, as she to has been on Twitter, blasting the Boss n Hug connection regarding their Women’s Tag match loss. Bliss even recently blocked Sasha Banks on Twitter.


Who knows if this is all legit, or just a work for a future storyline? Only time will tell.

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