Did Main Event Go as Planned + Was Rousey Injured?

With WrestleMania in the books, fans might wonder if the match went according to plan. Also, reports indicate that the now former champ suffered an injury

-If you are reading this, we hope you have watched Sunday nights WrestleMania, or at least are aware of the outcomes, because spoilers lie ahead.

With that said, the ending of the main event was not without a wee bit of controversy, but the ending was apparently not scripted to be that much in doubt.

Per Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer, decision makers within the WWE Creative process had planned all along to have Ronda Rousey take the loss. The debate had been between taking a pin or submitting. While the group was said to be split, it was ultimately determined she would lose via a clean pinfall.

Part of reason behind the pin over a submission to Becky’s Dis-arm-her? Ronda Rousey has never submitted in any of her MMA or judo matches, so why start now?

On the winning pinfall, however, it apparently did not go down quite as planned. Reports indicate that Rousey was not planned to get her shoulders up at all. However, if you watched it, you know that there was at least some measure of controversy that she might have, and WWE even ran some replays as the announce team discussed it.

It’s possible that this was done to lead up to an eventual rematch between Lynch and Rousey. When that might happen is up for debate, as the rumblings have long indicated that Rousey would be taking extended time off following ‘Mania. 

Speaking of Rousey and time off…Multiple outlets, including The Observer, are reporting that Ronda Rousey suffered an injury during that historic main event.

The now former RAW Women’s Champion has reportedly suffered a broken hand during last nights triple threat match.

There has not yet been any word on when during the match the injury may have occurred,  but if the former champ worked a good portion of the main event with a broken hand, that is proof of (or a reminder of) just how tough The Baddest Woman on the Planet really is.

With the injury, and her rumored and expected extended time away from WWE, at least that aspect may have worked out.

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