Rumor For Superstar Shakeup + Possible WrestleMania 37 City?

With the Superstar Shakeup happening next week, and the post-Mania shows so far underwhelming, we have a rumored name for next week.

-While not trying to ignore the debuts we used to get during the RAW and SmackDown after WrestleMania, the reality is last night was a bust. The expectation here is that SmackDown probably won’t be much better. Part of the reason for the disappointment no doubt stems from the NXT call ups in late 2018 and from February of this year.

We did see a 2018 call up finally show up last night in Lars Sullivan. Another 2018 late addition (Lacey Evans) appears to finally be getting involved in an actual program, as she challenged Becky Lynch last night on RAW.

With the Superstar Shakeup announced for next week, there’s a rumor of a big NXT name planned to be involved in that. According to Wrestling Observer, the now former NXT UK Champion, Pete Dunne, could indeed be part of the changes coming next week.

Dunne is exciting to watch, and fans are generally very into his persona. My only concern with him is his size, and will it ultimately see him relegated to 205 Live status.

-While WrestleMania 35 is just completed, and we already know the 2020 edition will be in Tampa, it’s never too soon to discuss where the 2021 iteration might take place.

The rumored venue? The not-yet-completed shiny new mega-stadium in Englewood, California.

The Los Angeles Times made mention of this possibility recently. It’s not unheard of, for a new stadium to seek an event like WrestleMania. It also wouldn’t be the first time that WWE would look to have WrestleMania in a brand new facility, before the site had a chance to host a Super Bowl.

The stadium itself looks to be an amazing facility, so it is fun to imagine the possibilities such a marvelous setting would provide WWE with for what would be WrestleMania 37.

If things stick to the plan, we wouldn’t hear who is hosting 37 until shortly before 36 next year in Tampa.

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