Darci Lynne Little Big Shots

Steve Harvey introduces Americans to some talented up and coming performers on “Little Big Shots.” The beloved host has had some guests on his show well before they become a household name. Darci Lynne Farmer was one of them.

The “America’s Got Talent” winner has an incredible amount of talent for someone her age. At just 13-years-old, she has sold out shows on the Las Vegas Strip and all around the country. But not that long ago, this ventriloquist superstar got one of her first big breaks on the first season of “Little Big Shots.”

Not only did she perform, but Steve did as well. He had his own puppet and gave ventriloquism a shot with some help from Darci Lynne. Steve’s puppet is supposed to look like him, but he’s a bit of an egghead! At the time of this performance, Darci had only been involved in ventriloquism for a year so it’s amazing how quickly she picked up this very challenging craft!

While most kids herĀ age would be telling silly jokes that adults wouldn’t find funny, Darci had a firm grasp on comedy. Along with their puppets, Darci Lynne and Steve had the crowd roaring in laughter!

You’ll have a laugh while watching the video below. These two perform well together. Steve actually did a great job with his puppet thanks to Darci Lynne’s encouragement.

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This wasn’t the only time Darci Lynne has been on “Little Big Shots.” After winning “America’s Got Talent,” she returned to the show that helped launch her young career. She brought her puppet Oscar with her to perform a song that demonstrates her wide range of skill. This child can sing without moving her lips and she sounds amazing even while using a different voice! Click here to see this remarkableĀ star’s second “Little Big Shots” performance!

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