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May 13, 2019
NBC just announced that they will be replacing Steve Harvey on the show "Little Big Shots" with Academy Award nominated actress Melissa McCarthy.
Darci Lynne Little Big Shots
September 7, 2018
Steve Harvey helped launch Darci Lynne Farmer’s career during the first season of “Little Big Shots.” The future star taught Steve ventriloquism.
steve harvey yodeling
August 31, 2018
When a young guest on “Little Big Shots” wanted to teach Steve Harvey how to yodel, nobody could have predicted what would have happened.
steve harvey fiddler carson
August 24, 2018
Steve Harvey gets to chat with some very interesting kids on “Little Big Shots.” There are some very talented youngsters who appear on the show,
steve harvey scottish boy
August 20, 2018
“Little Big Shot’s” Steve Harvey met his match in an adorable six-year-old sassy Scottish boy who is also an amazing Irish dancer.
Darci lynne little big shots
April 26, 2018
Darci Lynne Farmer has had a busy year after winning the 12th season of “America’s Got Talent.” The 13-year-old is┬átouring the country, but she took time out from her busy schedule to appear on “Little Big Shots.”
Gramma and Ginga
December 20, 2017
Gramma and Ginga have become internet celebrities after their videos of the two of them cussing and yelling at each other went viral.
Steve Harvey
December 14, 2017
Steve Harvey met his match a five-year-old girl on “Little Big Shots.” Natalie brings down the house with her sass then she prays over Steve.
Steve Harvey Ansleigh
October 13, 2017
When Steve Harvey invited a sweet little girl named Ansleigh on Little Big Shots, he probably wasn’t expecting her to make him laugh to the point of tears.