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Darci Lynne Farmer has had a busy year after winning the 12th season of “America’s Got Talent.” The 13-year-old is touring the country, but she took time out from her busy schedule to appear on “Little Big Shots.”

She first appeared on the show hosted by Steve Harvey on season one. Now she’s back as the AGT Winner! Darci Lynne brought her puppet Oscar with her to entertain the audience.

The young teen showcased her ventriloquist talents by singing, “Shout!” The song was made famous by Otis Day and the Knights, but Darci and Oscar put a new spin on the song. It’s amazing that she can sing this song so forcefully with her mouth closed AND manage a puppet!

America’s favorite young ventriloquist doesn’t miss a beat in this high energy performance on “Little Big Shots!” It’s fun to see her back on television! But, this performance is special as Steve Harvey brings out his own puppet that looks like him and joins her and Oscar on stage. Steve’s puppet has some crazy dance moves.

You will be amazed at Darci Lynne’s talent after watching the video below. She just continues surprising us! Darci and Oscar are on fire as they belt out this fun classic song from Animal House!

Darci Lynne isn’t just an amazing ventriloquist. That girl can sing, too! She could be a singer in her own right without any of her puppets.

Not many kids can make adults laugh, but Darci is no ordinary kid! She isn’t just an amazing ventriloquist who can sing, but her comedic timing is well ahead of her years and each performance is better than the last! Darci’s star is only just beginning to rise and we can’t wait to see where her talent takes her!

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