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Darci Farmer accomplished something rather rare on “America’s Got Talent.” The young ventriloquist made Simon Cowell blush!

Darci debuted Edna, an elderly and spunky puppet with a tremendous crush on Simon. Edna said, “He’s a hit with the ladies in their eighties back at the home, ya know?” During the performance, Edna demanded to be taken to Simon to sing “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman.”

The typically reserved Simon couldn’t help but blush and clap as he was serenaded up close by the puppet. Darci’s talents were on full display as she was able to impress Simon and the entire audience. The 12-year-old from Oklahoma had already impressed the audiences watching at home with her prior performances, but making Simon slightly embarrassed by the smitten elderly puppet appeared to seal the deal.

The video below really shows that Darci is going places!

Darci Farmer is amazing! All of the “America’s Got Talent” judges rightfully loved her. Not only is she an amazing ventriloquist who can sing, but her comedic timing is well ahead of her years.

Her final performance for the contest was simply incredible. She performed with two puppets at the same time and in addition to having them talk to each other and her, they all three sang “With A Little Help From My Friends.” It is an incredible accomplishment to maintain three voices in a skit but a song as well!

She went on to win the 12th season of  “America’s Got Talent.” The night the announcement was made, Darci and Petunia performed “Anything You Can Do (I Can Do Better)” with Season 2 winner Terry Fator and his puppet Winston. Many believe that Darci even outperformed this longstanding Las Vegas ventriloquist! Click here to see that!

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