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Steve Harvey gets to chat with some very interesting kids on “Little Big Shots.” There are some very talented youngsters who appear on the show, but Carson Peters might be the most well-rounded kid to have ever been on.

He’s a fiddler whose already performed at the Grand Ole Opry. When he sat down with Steve Harvey when he was just 11-years-old, we quickly learned that his talents aren’t limited to music. This kid is downright hilarious.

Carson and Steve chatted about something important to both of them – country living. There is a big difference between living in the country and living in the city. In addition to the accents, the food also varies greatly! It is well known that country folk love gravy. It can accompany most meals and makes so many things taste even better! Even before he was a teenager, this fiddling southerner from Piney Flats, Tennessee realized this.

“Gravy is my favorite beverage,” Carson quipped as the audience roared in laughter.

Carson and Steve discussed the differences in how people who live in rural areas talk versus their urban counterparts. But, what I loved most about this interview was Carson’s manners and his traditional line of thinking when it comes to dating.┬áSteve prodded him about the girls swooning over his fiddling but Carson brushed it off with a comment that had Steve chuckling.

“I kind of have a rule that if you start dating you should probably be able to pick her up in your own car,” the young fiddler said.

If you love country living, you will absolutely adore the conversation between Steve Harvey and Carson Peters in the video below. This kid is going to grow up to be a great man! He is so respectable and hilarious! Wait until you see what gift Carson brought for Steve!

That’s great parenting right there. Carson is so very well-rounded!

You’ll be even more impressed when you hear him fiddle and sing! In the video below, Carson and Ricky Skaggs perform “Blue Moon of Kentucky.” We are going to be hearing about this kid for many years to come. He is incredibly talented!


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