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When Steve Harvey invited a sweet little girl named Ansleigh on Little Big Shots, he probably wasn’t expecting her to make him laugh to the point of tears. But, that’s exactly what happened!

Dressed in pink and sporting an adorable pink clip in her hair, Ansleigh sat next to Steve on the couch while the two watched her viral video which got over 14 million views. When Ansleigh’s dad turned his back, she grabbed the scissors and chopped off her hair! She did quite a number on it, too. Not only were her bangs gone, but she had a mullet as well.

Most parents can relate to this as many kids decide to cut their own hair. It can be hard not to laugh at the result but the excuses the kids give as to why the snipped away are usually even funnier than the outcome. The same is true with Ansleigh’s self-created new haircut.

Steve and Ansleigh watched the video of her haircut, then Steve asked her why she did it. Her response was so honest and hilarious that Steve couldn’t stop laughing. He actually threw his head back because he was laughing so hard! Ansleigh’s face was completely¬†straight because she couldn’t understand what was so funny!

Be prepared to laugh at the video from Little Big Shots below.

She was doing an activity! Well, that is rather consistent with the first excuse she gave her dad about practicing cutting hair. Haircutting is actually an activity!

The answers kids give are often hilarious. She was being completely honest. While both answers aren’t justifiable, they are actually true!

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