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Steve Harvey gets to meet some very interesting kids on “Little Big Shots,” but he really met his match with a six-year-old Scottish boy.

In addition to having a thick Scottish accent, Oscar has quite a bit of sass. He wasn’t afraid of being in front of a large crowd and even attempted to teach Steve how to speak like him. A lot of their conversation was strained due to their large accent barrier, especially when Oscar talked about eating “fehsh” and chips.

Oscar has more charisma than people five times his age! He is so cute and sassy that he will have you laughing just being himself. But, the real reason he was there will have you clapping. Oscar has been Irish dancing since he was just three years old.

When he comes back onstage to perform, Oscar melts even more hearts. He is dressed to perfection and glides across the stage as he kicks and dances to entertain the crowd. This little boy is only six years old and he is both adorable, sassy, and an incredible dancer!

After watching the video below, you’ll believe Oscar is going to win an Oscar one day! Any fans of Irish dancing will love this performance!

That boy is going to break an awful lot of hearts! He has so much spunk that even Steve Harvey couldn’t keep up with him! Oscar needs his own reality show. I can’t imagine how much he will have to say when he is a teenager!

Little Big Shots” allows us to meet some adorable and talented children through our television sets. Steve’s interview with Claire Ryann is incredibly adorable. Claire has made a number of viral videos singing to Disney songs. When Steve tried to sing for Claire, she was not impressed! Click here to watch that video.

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