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The Dean Martin Show had the best stars of the day on as guests. They all were funny, but some of the most memorable skits were with Foster Brooks. Even Dean Martin couldn’t help but laugh at Brooks’s drunken antics.

Today’s liberals would likely throw a fit if Foster Brooks were performing today. They’d accuse him of offending alcoholics. The clip below would make them even madder because of Foster’s first comment after he stumbled into the bar.

Foster asked if he was a man or a woman. Dean, of course, responded that Foster was a man! Today’s liberals would find something in this joke to take issue with!

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Dean Martin Surprised By Brooks’ Occupation

Dean was surprised to hear that Foster is a dentist. Even though Foster’s speech was slurred and his hand was shaky, the beloved host of the show still asked this drunk dentist to look in his mouth.

Hilarity ensued with Dean busting out in laughter more than once! He couldn’t help it because Foster was hilarious! Dean tried to keep a straight face but he couldn’t, especially when Foster mentioned the Tongue Fairy!


That was hilarious! This was when television was great. Not only did we love it, but you could tell they the actors were having a blast on this show.

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Dean’s Genuine Reactions

Apparently, Dean Martin didn’t follow the script when Foster Brooks was on the show.

He only used cue cards, so he heard the jokes for the first time while recording. That’s why Dean has such genuine reactions in the Foster Brooks skits.

This made it even better to watch. Not only were we laughing at Foster’s jokes, but we were laughing at Dean’s reactions, too!

If you liked this, watch Foster Brooks as Dean Martin’s doctor!

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