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Foster Brooks‘ humor stands the test of time. We can all relate to him because we have each encountered a happy drunk at some point in our lives! He was at the pinnacle of his career long before political correctness ruined comedy.

Dean Martin Roasts

The Dean Martin Roasts were some of the best shows that ever aired on TV. They presented Hollywood at its finest. All the A-list stars came out to make fun of each other and they actually wanted to be there.

This is completely different from today’s Hollywood where the stars seem capable of only patting each other on the backs at award shows.

In 1974, Dean held a rather creative roast. He and his Tinseltown friends decided to honor our first President, George Washington.

This proved to be a rather interesting event and of course, Foster Brooks was there to honor the man of the hour. In typical form, he was wobbly on his feet but fast with the jokes.

Honoring George Washington

Foster did not disappoint. He presented himself as President Washington’s Press Secretary.

As you can imagine, Foster had a number of stories to tell. He explained that when George chopped down the cherry tree, his reason was a spiteful one. He didn’t want Tommy Jefferson’s poodle to lift his leg on the tree!

This Roast is unlike any other. Actors playing George and Martha were dressed in colonial attire. Even Foster wore period clothing!

This is when Hollywood actors didn’t take themselves too seriously.

It’s hard to imagine anything like the video below airing on television today!


Hilarious! Back then, comedians wanted to offend everyone! Today, Foster Brooks would be shamed off the stage. 

Politically correct leftists would probably accuse him of mocking alcoholics. They just can’t handle humor because an important part of humor is making fun of people and different situations!

Even George Washington could take a joke!

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