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Dean Martin is the king of Classic TV. His shows and roasts still make us laugh decades later. Foster Brooks was a pretty hilarious man as well.

When those two got together on The Dean Martin Show, it was pure magic.

Foster Brooks Made Everyone Laugh

Brooks was a staple at the Roasts as everyone roared in delight when he took the microphone. Dean always laughed as well because Foster Brooks was such a character.

In the video below, Dean is searching for a doctor after being shot by an arrow through his chest. He was shocked that Foster was the doctor he was searching for.

Even a dying man has to think twice about getting medical attention from a doctor bombed out of his mind on booze!

Foster also suggested just calling the priest because he was so drunk!

Dean Could Barely Hold It Together

It was so funny that Dean Martin even had a hard time keeping a straight face!

Watch how Dean has to bite his lip to stop from laughing as Fosters loudly whispers in his ear about being sterile.

This is Classic TV at its finest! Neither of them worried about offending anyone.

Good comedians don’t worry about such things! They wanted people to laugh at themselves!

When the actors are cracking up, you know the audience is loving it, too! It is hard not to laugh out loud watching this.

Dean couldn’t even keep his composure and neither could I! I miss the TV of that era.

When Dean was the subject of a roast, Foster Brooks was there, of course.

He showed up as Dean’s former Boy Scout leader and had quite a tale to tell about young Dean Martin and an owl – watch that hilarious clip!

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