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Tim Allen
March 19, 2024
The Hollywood star Tim Allen has launched his TV comeback as ABC orders a pilot of his new sitcom “Shifting Gears.”
February 3, 2023
The devoutly Christian actress Patricia Heaton has just scored a new Fox sitcom, and the premise of it looks hilarious!
January 18, 2023
Tim Allen recently joked that he does not want to be like Tom Brady when it comes to retiring and un-retiring.
December 13, 2022
Tim Allen taking a stand for the “Christian holiday” of Christmas with his Disney + minisieries “The Santa Clauses.”
November 18, 2022
Tim Allen is being slammed by social media users for joking that saying Merry Christmas “has become problematic.”
November 16, 2022
Tim Allen of “Home Improvement” fame is making Christianity a major part of his new miniseries “The Santa Clauses.”
November 10, 2022
Ahead of the premiere of “The Santa Clauses,” Tim Allen is opening up about what he regrets from the 2006 movie “The Santa Clause 3.”
November 4, 2022
Tim Allen once told Blake Shelton that he wanted to sleep with Miranda Lambert, not knowing that they were married at the time!
October 27, 2022
Almost 30 years after the first “Santa Clause” movie came out, Tim Allen is reprising the role for a new Disney+ series.
September 20, 2022
Tim Allen has gone viral with a tweet making fun of President Joe Biden and his recent “60 Minutes” interview.
Tim Allen Emmys
July 16, 2021
This year marks another Emmys snub for Tim Allen and “Last Man Standing” despite it being the popular sitcom’s final season.
Tim Allen series finale
May 21, 2021
As Tim Allen says goodbye with the series finale of “Last Man Standing,” he’s contemplating that doesn’t make sense why it had to end.
Tim Allen Last Man Standing finale final days
May 19, 2021
Tim Allen got emotional when he described the most “humbling” thing about “Last Man Standing” as the series finale approaches.
Tim Allen last man standing
April 30, 2021
Tim Allen opened up about the end of “Last Man Standing” as the series finale nears, saying it is “mission accomplished.”
Tim Allen Tyler Perry
April 28, 2021
Tim Allen had the perfect response to Tyler Perry defending police officers at the Oscars on Sunday night, saying “yea baby!”
Last Man Standing Tim Allen divides us
April 19, 2021
“Last Man Standing” star Tim Allen defied Hollywood norms to call out the “willful process to divide us” that’s happening in our culture.
Jeff Dunham Last Man Standing
March 5, 2021
Tim Allen aka Mike Baxter gets a special visit from ventriloquist Jeff Dunham and Walter in this week’s episode of “Last Man Standing.”
Tim Allen facts
January 21, 2021
Tim Allen of “Home Improvement” fame has revealed 25 things that fans likely don’t know about him, and they’ll likely shock you!