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Meghan Markle Obama
Source YouTube: E! News, 60 Minutes
March 12, 2024
Meghan Markle got good news from an Obama-appointed judge as she scored a major legal victory over her half sister…
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March 27, 2023
The conservative Hollywood star James Woods suffered a brutal defeat in court this week after getting bad news from a…
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October 26, 2022
Darrell Brooks, the Waukesha parade killer, has been found guilty of all 76 charges against him, including 6 murder charges.
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September 16, 2022
Once one of the most powerful people in Hollywood, Harvey Weinstein is now begging a judge for help from prison.
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August 22, 2022
Jon Gosselin is claiming that his ex-wife Kate stole $100,000 from their children's trust fund in recently filed court documents.
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August 2, 2022
O.J. Simpson is sounding off on Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson, and the NFL world is already firing back at…
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June 23, 2022
Meghan Markle's half sister Samantha just tried to have a judge removed from her case because they were appointed by…
February 15, 2022
Prince Andrew has just settled the sexual assault lawsuit filed against him by Jeffrey Epstein accuser Virginia Roberts Giuffre.
Kelly Clarkson divorce Montana Ranch Brandon Blackstock
Screenshot YouTube
December 21, 2021
Kelly Clarkson suffered a "major legal setback" related to the Montana ranch in her messy divorce battle with ex Brandon…
Clint Eastwood lawsuit
Screenshot YouTube
October 7, 2021
Clint Eastwood scored a huge victory in court, winning his $6.1 million lawsuit against CBD scammers falsely using his name…
Queen Elizabeth Prince Philip
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September 16, 2021
Queen Elizabeth got good news from a judge who ruled that Prince Philip's will is to remain sealed to protect…
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August 23, 2021
Sofia Vergara of "Modern Family" fame has opened up about her devastating cancer diagnosis when she was only 28.
simon cowell agt nightbirde why she dropped out cancer
Source: Screenshot YouTube
August 12, 2021
AGT judge Simon Cowell broke down while talking to his Golden Buzzer winner, Christian singer Nightbirde, about her battle with…
Britney Spears conservatorship
Source: Screenshot YouTube/Screenshot YouTube
June 24, 2021
Britney Spears' parents have broken their silence after she begged a judge to end her conservatorship on Wednesday that started…
Megan Rapinoe soccer
Source: Screenshot, Youtube
May 19, 2021
Megan Rapinoe is sounding off about the slap in the face she got from the U.S. Soccer Federation over equal…
Caleb Kennedy Luke Bryan
May 17, 2021
The "American Idol" judges have just broken their silence after Caleb Kennedy left the show amidst controversy.
Judge Judy Sheindlin
Screenshot: YouTube
May 14, 2021
Judy Sheindlin better known as television personality Judge Judy just torched cancel culture, saying she's "not a big fan of…
Meghan Markle wins in court
February 11, 2021
Meghan Markle scored a win in court for the privacy lawsuit against Associated Newspapers for publishing a private letter to…