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American Idol-winning pop star and popular talk show host Kelly Clarkson just got some bad news from the judge as her difficult divorce battle with her ex Brandon Blackstock rages on. This legal setback definitely was NOT on the singer’s Christmas list.

Kelly Clarkson Suffers ‘Major Legal Setback’

“Kelly recently had a major legal setback in a bid to get Brandon evicted from the Montana property that the judge awarded solely to her,” a source told Us Weekly. “He has been living in it and said he doesn’t have the financial means to afford to purchase a residence of his own at this time, citing the unresolved financial aspect of their divorce.”

The former couple has been fighting over property in Montana, which is titled solely in Clarkson’s name, as Blackstock desires to be a full-time rancher.

A judge previously dealt Blackstock a blow ruling that $10.4 million Montana ranch and other property are not marital property and solely belong to Clarkson per the premarital agreement.

The rub, however, is that Blackstock continues to reside on the property.

Clarkson addressed the court in a virtual hearing last month to talk about the ongoing issue regarding the ranch property in Montana which Blackstock has refused to leave since their split. 

“The judge sided with Brandon and ruled in his favor, the order just hasn’t been formally signed off on,” the insider added.

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Brandon Blackstock Refuses To Vacate Montana Ranch

Daily Mail reported that while Clarkson is currently the sole owner of Vintage Valley Ranch in Montana, she’s been unable to use it with Blackstock refusing to leave.

The ranch is believed to cost a whopping $81,000 per month to maintain. While that is clearly a huge sum, what’s even huger is the fact Clarkson is currently paying her ex $195,601 per month in child/spousal support.  

“If Blackstock fails to keep up with the maintenance payments associated with the property, Clarkson can file a motion to sell the property,” the source explained. 

The Montana ranch itself is a bit of a sore spot for the former couple, as it appears to be the spot where their marriage crumbled. 

“Being in quarantine at the ranch together heightened their problems to the point of no return,” the insider concluded. 

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Kelly Clarkson Files For Divorce 

Clarkson shocked many of her fans when she filed for divorce from Blackstock in June of 2020 after seven years and two children together. 

“They clashed on so many levels and being in quarantine together heightened their problems to the point of no return,” another source close to Clarkson said at the time. 

Clarkson has since been open about how “horrible” her divorce has been at times.

“It’s horrible,” she said of her divorce in December of 2020, according to Yahoo! Entertainment. “There are so many hard parts. The hardest for me is the kids. I always think as women, we’re trained to take it all on and you can deal with it and you’re fine. But it’s your babies that you worry about.”

Clarkson was awarded primary custody of the two children she shares with ex Brandon Blackstock: River Rose, 7, and Remington Alexander, 5.

Here’s hoping that for the sake of these kids, Clarkson and Blackstock can figure out what to do about their ranch, and bring about an end to this bitter divorce battle. 

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