Clint Eastwood Wins $6.1 Million From “Online Scammers’ In CBD Lawsuit

Clint Eastwood scored a huge victory in court, winning his $6.1 million lawsuit against CBD scammers falsely using his name and likeness.

Legendary actor and director Clint Eastwood came out victorious in court this week, winning his $6.1 million lawsuit against scammers using his face and image to sell CBD products.

Eastwood’s Victory In Court 

“I am pleased with the court’s ruling, and believe this judgment sends a powerful message to other online scammers who might try to illegally use someone’s name and reputation to sell their products,” Eastwood, 91, told The New York Post

Justice R. Gary Klausner ruled that the Lithuanian CBD company Mediatonas UAB must also pay Eastwood’s $95,000 legal fees, on top of the millions in damages for using his name and likeness.

“Over a career that has a spanned more than 60 years, Mr. Eastwood has earned a reputation for honesty, hard work, integrity and public service,” said Jordan Susman, Eastwood’s attorney.

“He is also willing to do what is right and what is fair,” he added. “In pursuing this case, and obtaining this judgment, Mr. Eastwood has again demonstrated a willingness to confront wrongdoing and hold accountable those who try to illegally profit off his name, likeness and goodwill.”

Take a look a the video report from TMZ:

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Eastwood Targeted By Scammers 

Eastwood filed the lawsuit after Mediatonas UAB put up websites that included fake “interviews” with the former Dirty Harry star in which they claimed that his new role selling CBD offered him “something bigger than movies.”

“This was a really, really difficult decision for me,” Eastwood was falsely quoted as saying, referring to his decision to leave Hollywood to promote CBD.

The websites included a photo of Eastwood from an appearance on NBC’s “Today” show, along with the show’s logo, as well as fake testimonials about his CBD products from celebrities like Terry Bradshaw, Sam Elliott, Michael J. Fox, and Garth Brooks.

“Mr. Eastwood has no connection of any kind whatsoever to any CBD products and never gave such an interview,” Eastwood’s legal team said in court papers. 

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Judge Didn’t Grant One Eastwood Request 

While Eastwood won millions in this case, the judge declined to grant the lawsuit’s full request for defamation on Friday because it did not appear “libelous on its face.” 

“It requires additional context to understand what CBD products are and why a person like Clint Eastwood would not endorse a marijuana-based product,” the judge said in his ruling.

Nevertheless, this is still a huge victory for Eastwood. He showed the world he’s not someone to be messed with even at 91 years old.

Perhaps those behind this CBD company thought that Eastwood would be an easy target, since he is over the age of 90, but they learned the hard way that they were dead wrong! You can’t fool Dirty Harry!

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