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The Waukesha parade killer Darrell Brooks learned his fate on Wednesday when a jury took just over three hours to find him guilty of all 76 charges that he had been hit with, including six first-degree murder charges.

Brooks Found Guilty

Daily Mail reported that Brooks, 40, hid his face in his hands as the verdict was read and one identified man in the courtroom who was presumed to be a family member of one of the victims yelled, “Burn in hell you piece of sh**!”

Brooks now faces a mandatory life sentence for each of his six homicide convictions. Judge Jennifer Dorow set a hearing for next Monday to schedule an official sentencing date, and the families of the victims will likely be able to speak then. 

Brooks Represented Himself In Shambolic Trial

This came after a chaotic trial in which Brooks made the shocking decision to represent himself, even though he is not a lawyer. Judge Dorow had to throw him out of court multiple times throughout the trial for pulling various bizarre stunts like taking his shirt off, holding up signs, and launching deranged outbursts in the hopes of delaying the proceedings. 

Last Friday, Judge Dorow chastised Brooks for giving her an aggressive “stare-down” that she saw as an aggressive sign of disrespect.

“Frankly, it makes me scared,” she said. 

Despite this, Brooks continued to stare down Dorow while also banging his fists on the table. Check out that disturbing moment for yourself below.

“In my almost 11 years on the bench, I’ve presided over dozens and dozens of cases that have gone to trial,” Dorow said later that same day, according to The Daily Caller. “To say that this has been the most challenging of my career would be an understatement.”

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Brooks was arrested on November 21 of last year after he plowed his SUV through an annual Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin, killing six people and injuring many more. He was out on bail on an unrelated domestic abuse charge at the time of this horrific incident. 

Brooks has expressed virtually no remorse for the killings, saying on Tuesday that his “conscience is clear” and that the deaths are “God’s will.” During his closing statements, he also said that he has “no regrets.

Reactions To Brooks’ Conviction

Laurie Hogeland, a friend of some of the victims, said that Brooks’ conviction provides some relief as she talked to reporters outside the courthouse after the verdict was read. 

“It was a brief moment of relief,” she said. “But, then all the pain comes back. The pain comes back.” 

Waukesha Mayor Shawn Reilly celebrated the verdict, saying, “I am thankful that the jury found the defendant guilty on all counts. We can now re-focus on taking steps forward as a community and continue the healing process.”

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“In the nearly one year since this tragedy, there has not been a day that our community has not grieved,” added Police Chief Dan Thompson. “The victims’ families as well as our first responders continue to deal with the lasting effects of the horrors of that day.” 

“We are grateful for the support that has come from all over the world and we ask you to continue to keep all those involved in your prayers,” he continued. 

We’re also glad to see that the jury wasted no time in convicting Brooks on every charge that he was facing, and we can only hope that the families of the victims find some comfort in knowing that he will never be a free man again. 

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