O.J. Simpson Speaks Out On Deshaun Watson – NFL World Fires Back

O.J. Simpson is sounding off on Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson, and the NFL world is already firing back at him.

The NFL world is firing back at O.J. Simpson, who many feel got away with the 1994 murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman, after he spoke out about Cleveland Browns quarterback DeShaun Watson being suspended for six games. 

Simpson Sounds Off On Watson Ruling

Retired federal judge Sue L. Robinson ruled in a 16-page report that Watson must be suspended for six games after he was accused of sexual misconduct during various massage sessions between 2020 and early 2021. Her decision has been widely debated among fans and players alike, but Simpson said in a video posted to his Twitter page that her ruling should be respected. 

“She looked at it. She came out with a decision. Hey, man, that’s it! That should be it,” said Simpson, who rose to fame as a running back for the Buffalo Bills. 

“People are saying, ‘Why would he settle if he was innocent?’ Hey, look guys, he’s not going to change anyone’s mind no matter what he does,” he added. “He can’t change my mind. I think he was probably out of line with some of the girls, and I think some of the girls jumped onboard because there was a chance of making money.”

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Social Media Users Fire Back

Social media users, however, were not having any of this from Simpson. 

“I’m so thankful we have OJ to weigh in on matters of law and order,” one fan wrote sarcastically, according to The Spun

“Wait so this isn’t a meme account. This real?” another fan added, with a third writing, “OJ, sit this one out.”

Others got in on the action as well: 

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Cleveland Browns owners Dee and Jimmy Haslam released a statement on Monday saying that Watson is “remorseful,” and that they respect Robinson’s decision. 

“We respect Judge Robinson’s decision, and at the same time, empathize and understand that there have been many individuals triggered throughout this process,” they said, according to Yahoo News. ”

“We know Deshaun is remorseful that this situation has caused much heartache to many and he will continue the work needed to show who he is on and off the field, and we will continue to support him,” the Haslams added. 

‘I Don’t Have Any Regrets’

This is in stark contrast to what Watson said back in March when he denied ever assaulting anyone and said he has no regrets.

“I don’t have any regrets,” Watson said on March 25. “Like I said before, the things off the field right now that came up caught me by surprise because I never did anything that these people are alleging. I never assaulted anyone. I never disrespected anyone.”

When asked about these comments on June 14, Watson reiterated, “Like I said, I never assaulted anyone. I never harassed anyone. I never disrespected anyone. I never forced anyone to do anything.”

The NFL has the option of appealing Robinson’s decision if the league decides Watson’s punishment is not enough. The NFL said in a statement yesterday that it is “reviewing Judge Robinson’s imposition of a six-game suspension and will make a determination on next steps.”

While it remains to be seen how this will all pan out for Watson, Simpson might want to think twice before commenting on matters such as this one, as he’s the last person who should be doing so. 

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