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Tina Turner renounced her U.S. citizenship to move to Switzerland years ago, and she once revealed why she did this to Larry King.
Morgan Freeman is speaking out against Black History Month and the term “African-American,” defying the woke left in the process.
February 1, 2023
Ozzy Osbourne has made a sad announcement amidst his various health struggles, and his fans will be devastated.
Kathie Lee Gifford is talking about becoming a grandma for the first time this year while also sharing what she loves about America.
When John Cena heard that he had a nonverbal super fan who fled Ukraine with his family, he knew that he had to meet him.
Willie Robertson Dusty Hill
“Duck Dynasty” star Willie Robertson paid tribute to ZZ Top’s Dusty Hill, saying that “our beards bowed to him.”
Will Carroll Death Angel coronavirus Satan hell
Will Carroll of Death Angel is preaching the power of prayer after going to hell and seeing the devil during a 12-day coma while battling coronavirus.
Holocaust survivor Henri Kichka dies of coronavirus
Henri Kichka, who was one of the last Holocaust survivors from Belgium, has reportedly passed away from coronavirus at the age of 94.
Greta Thunberg
Climate activist Greta Thunberg said it is “extremely likely” that she has coronavirus, adding that she has gone into self-isolation with her father.
bette midler melania trump tweet
November 15, 2018
On Wednesday, singer Bette Midler became the latest Hollywood liberal to cross the line by launching a vile attack Melania Trump
July 11, 2017
The World Health Organization has issued a warning following the death of 35 people across Europe following a measles outbreak in the region.
Charlie Gard
June 29, 2017
Charlie Gard is a 10 month old baby whose parents desperately want to bring him to the United States for treatment of a rare genetic condition. Over 1.4