Melania Trump Comes Out on Top After Publication Prints Lies About Her

First Lady Melania Trump has just gotten the last laugh over a British media outlet that hit her with a vile fake news attack.

Since moving into the White House, Melania has gotten more criticism from the mainstream media than any other First Lady in modern history. While Michelle Obama could do no wrong in the eyes of the media, Melania can do no right, and outlets have resorted to printing fake news about her just to make her look bad. Now, Melania has made a move that has let the media know she is no longer taking their attacks lying down.

Fox News reported that the British publication Daily Express has issued an apology and admitted that it paid “substantial damages” to the First Lady over an article about her that “contained a number of false statements.” The article in question was a cover story from January 19 that was entitled “The Mystery of Melania.”

Paper prints vile lies about Melania Trump

The misinformation in the article included a falsification of Melania’s father’s personality, false reasons that the future First Lady left the architecture program that she was enrolled in, and a fake claim that Melania did not find success as a model until after she met Donald Trump.

“Mrs. Trump was not struggling in her modeling career before she met Mr. Trump, and she did not advance in her career due to the assistance of Mr. Trump,” the paper admitted. The publication also apologized for reporting a false date that Melania met her future husband and for falsely claiming that she cried on Election Night.

“We apologize unreservedly to The First Lady and her family for any embarrassment caused by our publication or these allegations,” the publication concluded.

President Trump himself took to slam Daily Express for going after his wife.

We’re so glad to see that Melania is showing the world what a strong, independent, and intelligent woman she really is by going after the publications that are blatantly reporting fake news about her. The media has done everything they can to destroy Melania’s reputation and make a mockery of her ever since she became first lady, but she has risen above their attacks with class each and every time.

Melania’s story should be one that is hailed as a rags to riches story of our time. She is a woman who was born into poverty in communist Europe and managed to use her intelligence to rise from these meager beginnings to become the First Lady of the United States. If she was married to a liberal president, the mainstream media would be praising her for this constantly. Since she is married to Trump, however, the media instead tries to tear her down every chance they get. We applaud Melania for courageously firing back at the media and letting them know that they will not get away with printing lies about her!

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