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On Wednesday, singer Bette Midler became the latest Hollywood liberal to cross the line by launching a vile attack on the First Lady. Breitbart reported that Midler took to Twitter to post an old modeling shot of Melania in which the First Lady was wearing nothing but a revealing bodice made of crystals.

Liberals are constantly throwing claims of sexism at anyone who dares to criticize a woman these days. Unless, of course, the woman they are insulting happens to be Melania Trump. When it comes to the current First Lady, no attack is too below the belt in the eyes of the left.

Out of respect for the First Lady, we will not be propagating this tweet further, but you can view the image here.

“The dry cleaning bill for the upholstery on Air Force One must be insane. #FLOTITS,” Midler tweeted.

FLOTITS? Really?! If that’s not sexism, I don’t know what is!

Liberals have long tried to demean Melania by only focusing on her physical attributes, ignoring the fact that she is an incredibly accomplished woman who speaks six languages. Melania used her fierce intelligence to pull herself up from her meager beginnings in communist Europe to living in the White House today. Hers is the ultimate rags to riches story, yet liberals like Midler ignored it completely to mock Melania for her successful modeling career.

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Can you imagine what would have happened if someone used a hashtag like #FLOTITS about Michelle Obama when she was First Lady? All Hell would break loose as accusations of racism and sexism would immediately be hurled at whoever dared to demean the beloved Michelle. Since Melania was the target, however, Midler has suffered virtually no backlash from the so-called feminists on the left.

If the left really wants to continue to call themselves “warriors for women,” these attacks on Melania need to end. It’s time for Midler and other liberals who have attacked Melania in this manner to APOLOGIZE to the First Lady!

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