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The legendary wrestler and Hollywood star John Cena stepped up this week to surprise a nonverbal superman who recently escaped Ukraine with his family. 

Cena Meets Super Fan 

People Magazine reported that Misha Rohozhyn, who has Down syndrome and is nonverbal, recently fled the city of Mariupol with his family after their home was destroyed during the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine. His mother Lianna said that as they made their way to safety, she kept Misha calm by telling him that they had to travel across Europe so that he could meet Cena, who is his hero.

Cena was in Europe for work when he heard Misha’s story, and he quickly decided to break his schedule to fly to Amsterdam, where Lianna had resettled their family, to meet him.

“Having three days off of work and being an hour away by air it turned immediately into, ‘We’re going,'” Cena said, according to ABC7

“I didn’t want a son to think of his mom in a different light just because she did whatever she had to do to get him to safety,” Cena continued, referring to the story Lianna told her son about him to keep him calm. “I wanted to tell him today personally that his story really touched me.”

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‘I’ve Come A Long Way To See You’

Misha became visibly emotional as soon as Cena walked up.

“I’ve come a long way to see you,” Cena told Misha before giving him a hug. “I’ve heard many things about you”

Lianna couldn’t help but burst into tears when she saw her son meet his hero. The meeting between Cena and Misha was a huge success, with the two of them building blocks and flexing their biceps, while also eating a traditional Ukrainian honey cake.

Cena came with gifts for Misha that included a replica WWE championship belt and a green John Cena t-shirt that said, “Respect. Never Give Up. Earn it.”

“Misha’s ability to embrace persistence. That’s extraordinary. Those words ‘never give up,’ we’ve all thought about those in our life, they’re very powerful and I think Misha is a great example,” Cena said. “Misha’s mom, they’re two great examples of how persistence can lead to joy even during the toughest of times.”

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Good Days And Bad Days In Life

Before returning to London, where he is currently filming a movie, Cena told Misha that there will be good days and bad days in life.

“I hope he gets more good days,” Cena said.

“This was a wonderful adventure in which I got to meet a wonderful new friend,” Cena also said. “Thank you for giving me strength.”

Lianna thanked Cena for coming to visit her family, telling him, “John, thank you. You have a big heart.”

This story truly does say everything about who Cena is as a person. Many celebrities at his level would let fame go to their heads and become self-centered people, but it’s clear that he has an enormous heart.

God bless John Cena, and God bless Misha and his family. Please join us in saying a prayer that the situation in Ukraine will be resolved soon so that they can go home. 

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