‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Willie Robertson Pays Tribute To ZZ Top’s Dusty Hill

"Duck Dynasty" star Willie Robertson paid tribute to ZZ Top's Dusty Hill, saying that "our beards bowed to him."

Legendary ZZ Top bassist Dusty Hill died in his sleep on Wednesday at the age of 72. In the wake of his passing, Hill’s friend Willie Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” fame is speaking out to pay tribute to the iconic rocker.

Robertson had been a fan of Hill’s all his life, and he finally got to meet the bassist after the ZZ Top song “Sharp Dressed Man” became the theme song for “Duck Dynasty.”

You can listen to “Sharp Dressed Man” right here.

Robertson Honors Hill – Recalls Last Time He Saw Him

Robertson paid tribute to Hill one day after his passing by recalling the last time he saw him. They met up two years ago at the band’s 50th anniversary gathering that was doubled as a 70th birthday party for Hill.

“Our beards bowed down when we got in their presence because they had been running that look way longer than we had, that’s for sure,” Robertson told Fox News of that night. “When I was with them a couple of years ago, they were heading off to Europe to play for like two months or something, it was crazy.”

“And I was thinking at the time, not a lot of people have their 70th birthday and then take off to Europe to keep working and keep doing what they love to do,” the reality television star continued. “And it’s just a tribute to him and their lives, their passion and what they had. They had something good and they kept it together, kept the look, kept everything.”

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Robertson Was Just Happy To Be Invited

Robertson went on to say that he was just happy to be invited to this party and get the chance to rub shoulders with various legends of the music world, including Hill.

“We just had a blast that we got to hang out. It was really cool that we got invited to that,” Robertson recalled. “It was probably the last time I saw him – yeah, the last time I got to hang out with him and I was there.”

Growing up as a ZZ Top fan, Robertson said that he never thought “in a million years” that he would ever get to meet Hill, who he credited as his music hero.

He was also overjoyed when one of the band’s songs was chosen as his show’s theme song.

“I think we shared with them something similar in that we kind of came from generally the same area and kind of came out of nowhere,” he said. “We just do what we love to do.”

“And for those guys playing music – they got to this national spotlight and yeah, we shared that together and we would actually talk about that and how from little small towns around here and coming out and doing that,” Robertson explained. 

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ZZ Top’s Longevity

“I think their longevity was just incredible,” Robertson stated. “And so many of those bands in the ’80s came and went and you don’t even remember the names of many more, but we just kind of found that sound of what they liked.”

“I’ll never forget when ‘Sharp Dressed Man’ and those sounds came out, of course, I had no idea at the time that I would be connected to that song somehow – I couldn’t see it in a million years,” he concluded.

There truly will never be another Dusty Hill!

While he will be dearly missed by millions of fans, at least we will always be able to remember him through the music he loved to make for us. 

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