when will queen return
source: @mscharlottewwe, twitter, screenshot

We have not seen Charlotte Flair in a while…will The Queen return soon? And who is the next big NXT star?

Will The Queen Return Soon

After missing quite a bit of time, will The Queen return to WWE television soon?

Fans have been wondering that for a while.

We’ve seen a wave of returning and incoming female talents in recent months.

Dakota Kai was re-hired. Bayely finally returned from injury.

Becky Lynch, Mia Yim, Tegan Nox and more…all have either returned, or been re-hired.

But when will The Queen return? Will it be soon?

Signs are starting to trend in that direction. With The Royal Rumble next month, and that beings the Road to WrestleMania…it is time.

And according to sources, WWE creative folks are putting together plans for just that.

That buzz lines up with other activity.

In one specific example, Flair herself stoked the flames.

when will queen return

source: @mscharlottewwe, twitter, screenshot

Charlotte posted to social media a picture of herself training with a couple notable NXT Superstars.

Certainly looks like The Queen is knocking off the ring rust in preparation to return soon, doesn’t it?

Here’s the picture that got things buzzing.

Now, at the earliest part of her time off, the women’s roster was a bit thin.

However, once The Queen returns…she will do so to a newly stacked division that offers us a lot of options.

Who Is The Next NXT Star

As we watch Bron Breakker and wait for his inevitable call-up…who is primed to be the next NXT star?

The man who runs NXT now knows a thing or two about star power.

Shawn Michaels spoke at the most recent NXT presser and opened up.

While the NXT roster has a lot of promising talents, Michaels took time to single out a couple younger Superstars.

Specifically, he heaped praise on Julius Creed.

While HBK was also quite complimentary toward Brutus Creed as well, it certainly seemed like Shawn Michaels sees a potential for a hot singles Superstar.

Could it be that Michaels sees the Creed Brothers as similar to Shawn’s old tag team, The Rockers?

when will queen return

source: @wweindia, twitter, screenshot

If so, it may be that HBK thinks Julius is that team’s version of himself. That means that Brutus could then be the Marty Janetty of the team.

That said, The Creed Brothers are also an incredibly promising tag team. With the main roster tag title scene actually heating up…there could be a fit there too.

I surely don’t expect NXT to break up the Creed Brothers any time soon-it just wouldn’t make sense.

But, given their background and athletic skills, along with the praise from NXT trainers? It’s easy to understand why Michaels and others see big things in their future.

And, they do excite fans, so perhaps WWE would do well to get them on the main roster and see what they can do for a while first.

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