Chris Jericho AEW Claim
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Chris Jericho is talented, but his latest AEW claim might not be met with universal praise. Also, Charlotte Flair’s WWE return is close.

Chris Jericho Has Bold AEW Claim

Chris Jericho is one of those rare entities in pro wrestling. For over 30 years, Jericho has been wrestling and mostly at the highest level.

In a few weeks, he turns 52 years old but few would know considering his wrestling ability. For the past few years, Jericho has been calling AEW home.

Upon joining the then upstart promotion, he quickly won the AEW World Championship. He would be one of the top wrestlers while the company looked to secure a TV deal.

They did land on TV and their partners seem to be happy. Having a big star from WWE there probably helped bring in a larger audience.

And, when it comes to taking credit of AEW’s early success, Jericho does not mind. He explained further on the “AEW Unrestricted” podcast.

“The company wasn’t built around me, but at the risk of sounding egotistical, if there was no Chris Jericho, I don’t know if the company would have gotten off the ground as quickly as it did,” said Jericho. “I say that because I think at the time I was the only national kind of superstar name that was involved.” 

“Keep in mind, no one really knew Cody [Rhodes] at that point. And. as much buzz as Kenny [Omega] and Matt and Nick Jackson had, they were still mostly just kind of regional guys. They were worldwide stars, but when it comes to national TV in the States, they didn’t have any experience for that.”

Currently, Jericho is the Ring Of Honor World (ROH) Champion, giving him world title number eight. Unlike previous ROH Champions, Jericho does not follow the code of respecting his opponents.

Charlotte Flair’s WWE Return

Chris Jericho AEW Claim

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Since joining WWE, Charlotte Flair has become the biggest female wrestler in the company’s history. Remember, WWE only starting featuring females in a fair way the past few years.

She has held gold across every brand, including NXT, RAW and SmackDown. That makes her both a Triple Crown Champion and Grand Slam Champion.

Plus, she did win the Women’s Royal Rumble and was in the first all female WrestleMania main event.

Since early May, Charlotte has been off TV. Her last match was dropping the SmackDown Women’s Championship to Rond Rousey in an I Quit Match.

While away, Charltotte got married to former WWE superstar turned AEW wrestler, Andrade. Their honeymoon is over, so a return inside the ring is close.

For Andrade, he might be done in AEW after a backstage fight with Sammy Guevara.

Right now, there is no exact word on when Charlotte will be back or what brand she will compete on. Although, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted she is expected back very soon.

With Survivor Series not far off and WrestleMania 39 plans starting to be made, a quick return does make sense.

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