will charlotte flair return
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By now, you know she’s been written off, but when will Charlotte Flair return to WWE? And, AEW confirms an annual event is going to become a staple of their schedule.

When Will Charlotte Flair Return

We saw her written off of television at WrestleMania Backlash, but when will Charlotte Flair return?

Following her title loss, WWE announced a storyline broken radius, a bone in her arm. At the time, no timetable was given.

The morning after, it was confirmed that this was purely a storyline injury to get Flair time off.

Now, with a few more days since Backlash, we’ve got some additional insight.

First, this from WWE:

Simple enough, it takes speculation from a 6 to 8 week timeframe for a broken bone, and leaves it open ended.

Of course, Charlotte’s arm is not actually broken…so why is she off television, and when will Charlotte Flair return to the ring?

will charlotte flair return

source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

The why is easier than the when.

It’s no secret that Flair has been in a relationship with former WWE and current AEW star Andrade El Idolo. The couple is engaged…and the time off is for them to get married.

Probably for their honeymoon, too.

That much came courtesy of the Wrestling Observer.

As for when she will return, with WWE’s latest tweet, it would seem that the timeline is up in the air.

My safest bet remains in the six to eight week frame, as I’d imagine WWE would like Charlotte Flair back for a program heading into SummerSlam.

If she is not back in that timeframe, it wouldn’t necessarily be a stunner to see them hold her out until the post-SummerSlam RAW or SmackDown, especially if the Draft is happening at that time.

AEW Confirms Annual Event

Making a bit of news, AEW confirms that a major show will become an annual event.

Even more noteworthy is that they will aim to keep it in the same venue each and every year.

Tony Khan did an interview, and  he confirmed that the company is going to have a significant annual event. He also confirmed a general return to the New York market.

The interview was picked up by numerous sources, and also sent out via the official AEW Twitter account:

Specifically, the immensely successful Grand Slam will happen again this year, and can be considered an annual event moving forward.

More important, AEW’s intent is to regularly hold it at Arthur Ashe Stadium.

will charlotte flair return

source: @thebalorclubguy, twitter, screenshot

The venue was packed, and it served as a very successful show for the company.

It was one of the best wrestling shows-regardless of promotion-in New York City in years. 

Given the large market and how well AEW has done in it, the move makes sense. 

It does not hurt that it’s AEW pulling off a major annual event right in WWE’s own back yard either.

I like the move, because while we know wrestling promotions have go-to major events every year, they generally move around. 

That AEW is confirming that the event is going to be a regular thing, and effectively from a home stadium, is noteworthy and cool.

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