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Details You Missed On The April 5th NXT

The April 5th episode of NXT featured some new wrestlers and a few fun surprises. Here's all the details you missed

The NXT after WrestleMania set up a lot of new storylines and introduced some new stars. Let’s look at some of the little details other recaps might have missed while covering WWE’s developmental brand. 

Who is Cameron Grimes’s Father? What is Solo Sikoa’s “Bloodline”? And who the heck is Pretty Deadly?

Cameron Grimes’ Father

Cameron Grimes has referenced his father as the reason he went after the North American title. In a promo following his victory, Grimes again made mention of his father, who raised Grimes on his own while sacrificing a lot to the wrestling business. 

This is a real-life reference. Cameron Grimes’ father, Tracey Caddell, was an independent wrestler who worked in the Carolinas with The Hardys and Hurricane Helms.

Caddell passed away in 2018.

Solo Sikoa’s “Bloodline”

Coming out to challenge newly minted NXT North American Champion Cameron Grimes, streetfighter Solo Sikoa mentioned that championships ran in his “bloodline.”

That was an apparent reference to SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Usos and Undisputed Champion Roman Reigns, for those unfamiliar. Sikoa, real name Joseph Fatu, is the young brother of The Usos and first cousin (once removed) of Roman Reigns. 

However, this is the only reference Sikoa is making. WWE, much like Bron Brekker, wants Solo to want to be able to build his own star and brand without having to resort to just being the next member of the Samoan Dynasty.

Who Is Pretty Deadly?

Following the Creed Brothers’ defeat of Imperium, the masked assailants who attacked the Diamond Mine in week’s previous finally revealed themselves. And they are the NXT UK team Pretty Deadly. 

Pretty Deadly are UK-based wrestlers Lewis Howley and Sam Stoker. They were previously NXT UK Tag champions for 287 days before losing their titles to Moustache Mountain. According to reports, they are now going under the names Elton Prince and Kit Wilson.


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