troubling matt riddle allegations
source: @nsastevens, twitter, screenshot

There have been some concerning reports about him before, and there are now new and troubling Matt Riddle allegations surfacing. Plus, might we have an idea on a Big E return date?

Troubling Matt Riddle Allegations

We’ve heard some negative reports before about him, but now there are new and troubling Matt Riddle allegations coming to light.

It makes this a really eventful December for The Original Bro.

Not all that long ago, Riddle had been put on blast by his ex-wife. We’ve also seen him dragged by his now ex-girlfriend.

And in that situation, Daniela Petrow shared what she presented as evidence of Riddle’s behavior.

Now, she is back for more, chiming in about the Superstar, who is now in rehab.

And, from what she is sharing, these are more troubling allegations against Matt Riddle indeed.

For starters, she is already claiming that the Superstar is cheating on his adult movie star girlfriend.

But, more troubling than that, Petrow is now claiming that Riddle sexually abused her during their time together.

troubling matt riddle allegations

source: @nsastevens, twitter, screenshot

Considering the sensitivity to these things in general-not to mention in the wake of what Vince McMahon had done-this is not good.

One can’t help but wonder if these latest allegations would give WWE a reason to consider terminating things with Riddle.

There had been times where he seemed poised for a big push. His tag team work with Randy Orton started as a brief thing and morphed into one of the better things going in WWE for a time.

If that all wasn’t bad enough, on the heels of Petrow’s most recent claims comes another set of allegations from another, new name.

But, might his outside issues be too much for WWE to tolerate?

Big E Return Date

Basically ever since he went out with his injury, fans have wondered about any Big E return date.

There had been whispers about the suspected timeframe based on prior rehabs and setbacks that have been reported over the year.

Of course, to be fair, Big E did suffer a broken neck, and not quite a year ago at that.

Many injuries have very arduous rehabs, and varying timelines. Big E’s is no different.

Now, the former champion has spoken out about when we might see him return to the ring.

In a recent interview, Big E noted that he should have a better idea about a return date in March of next year.

troubling matt riddle allegations

source: @wrestlingnewsco, twitter, screenshot

That’s basically his one year anniversary of his broken neck. Per other reports, the doctors would not entertain discussing a return before that timeframe.

So, if it wasn’t already clear to fans…forget about a Big E surprise return in the Royal Rumble. Based on his timeline, he won’t be close to medically cleared.

Still, given the severity of the injury, Big E has remained positive and focused on an in-ring return.

Barring some setbacks, it isn’t if we will see him return, but rather when.


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