Vince McMahon Another Lawsuit
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Vince McMahon retired from the WWE this past summer. He left amidst a scandal that revealed he secretly paid “hush-hush” money (in the millions) to former employees to keep them quiet. A new report notes that the former Chairman could be facing yet another lawsuit (or two).

Vince McMahon – Another Lawsuit

As per the Wall Street Journal, an attorney representing former referee Rita Chatterton, is requesting $11.75 million. The demand letter is dated November 3rd of this year.

For fans that recall, Ms. Chatterton accused VKM of raping her in a limo, about 30 years ago. While McMahon has denied these allegations, her lawyer has confirmed that she took a polygraph test and passed.

In addition, multiple sources corroborate her account of what happened. Still, wrestling legend, Greg Valentine also provided insight into these allegations, recently.

Valentine, whose real name is John Wisniski, told the WSJ that Ms. Chatterton relayed the rape allegations while the two shared a marijuana cigarette in Albany, NY in a hotel parking lot, at some point in the ‘80s. He notes he didn’t believe Rita, then or now.

Valentine states that he doesn’t think Rita was “attractive” enough for McMahon. Still, another source, Leonard Inzitari, reveals a story of his own in a magazine article published earlier in 2022.

Leonard states that the former ref was “crying” and “shaking” when she recounted the Vince/rape story. She told him about the encounter as they stood ringside prior to a WWE (then-WWF) event in 1986.

Mr. Inzitari says that he believes her story and stands by his comments. The two spent some time together in wrestling school.

Vince McMahon – Another Lawsuit – 2.0

In addition, a separate email was sent in November to Vince’s lawyer, from another attorney representing a former spa manager. The lawyer notes that McMahon assaulted his client in 2011, while at a resort in California.

This is an incident that hasn’t been reported as of yet. How many more will surface in the weeks and months to come?

Only time will tell. But for now, it looks like the heat on VKM once again, and his controversial past is not dying down.

Which makes the idea of a WWE return, insane, right? With that said, the WSJ is also reporting that McMahon has been contemplating a comeback.

Plans For His WWE Return

According to the article, Vince has told others he does intend on making a WWE comeback. He also added that he received bad advice from those closest to him to step down.

Vince McMahon Another Lawsuit

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The report notes that McMahon believes the investigations and allegations would’ve “blown over” if he had stayed with the company and not retired. It’s hard to say if that would’ve happened, given the recent turn of events.

Is A WWE Return Even A Possibility?

Is Vince right in his logic? With the new lawsuits that have surfaced, and his past scandals continuing to bubble over, it’ll be a long time before all this controversy subsides.

Besides that, the new WWE executive regime of Stephanie McMahon, Nick Khan, and Triple H, is riding a nice wave. The team has created some concrete and positive changes.

Whether Vince was planning to return to WWE management or storylines, a comeback could place a major kink in all the progress that has been made. Here’s hoping he continues to stay low.

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