scary raw botch explained
source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

Following last night, our most recent scary RAW botch gets explained. And, Drew Gulak returns to NXT (and he didn’t come alone).

Scary RAW Botch Explained

While the show was pretty good, nothing is ever perfect. One scary RAW botch from last night got explained, and thankfully it worked out OK.

No, this isn’t the Asuka slip up. That one was mild in comparison.

The spot in question, or rather the botch in question, involved Austin Theory and Mustafa Ali.

It wasn’t just any scary RAW botch. This was a top turnbuckle, higher risk botch.


So, according to Fightful, what we saw was a mix-up (obviously).

Specifically, Theory was supposed to hold up Ali for a Frankensteiner, but he did not.

scary raw botch explained

source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

What we saw was the result of the botch and their best attempts to not get hurt.

Fortunately, in spite of the scary looking scene, no one was hurt.

Per the report, post-match, Theory was apologetic about the miscue.

The United States Champion is said to have quickly apologized to his opponent, and there is no heat on Theory for it.

Too often we are used to hearing of Superstars working dangerously and without care, so seeing this happen between two younger Superstars is encouraging.

Not encouraging that it happened-but botches happen every night.

Encouraging that, for as big as his ego on screen is, Theory knew he messed up and immediately apologized in the back.

Drew Gulak Returns To NXT

We’ve seen Superstars go back before, and tonight we saw another. Tonight, Drew Gulak returns to NXT.

Gulak wasn’t the only Superstar to pop up in Florida on Tuesday, but he is the one that might actually make sense to stick around.

Of course, his arrival on the evening was no doubt overshadowed by the bigger names…the New Day.

Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston showed up to challenge NXT Tag Champs Pretty Deadly to a match at Saturday’s Deadline special.

But this is all about Drew Gulak. I have to show the fellow Philly guy some love.

scary raw botch explained

source: @wwenxt, twitter, screenshot

Watching the Tuesday show, fans probably were not expecting to see this:

Gulak arrived during a match between Charlie Dempsey (William Regal’s son) and NXT Security Guard Hank.

Dempsey won, but if Gulak is now the latest to head south to shine once again…this could be very interesting indeed.

We’ve seen others reboot themselves in NXT, most recently and notably Apollo Crews.

While Gulak might not move the same needles as New Day, he had enjoyed some cult fan support, and he is a very talented technical wrestler.

The NXT roster suits his style a lot more than much of the main roster, so this could be a golden opportunity for Drew.

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