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Austin Theory Future Still Bright, Cena Wants Hollywood Return?

Despite his failed cash-in, Austin Theory's future is still bright. Plus, if stories are true...John Cena wants a Hollywood return?

Austin Theory Future Still Bright

While it might not seem that way after Monday’s failure, Austin Theory’s future is still bright.

Considering his age and talent, this feels like a Captain Obvious level statement…but it’s worth making.

I remember seeing the chatter after McMahon retired: what would it do for his “chosen one” in Theory?

Well, what others forgot is…Theory came in from the indies and got further polished in NXT, under…Triple H.

So, not exactly a problem there.

Theory was the youngest Money In The Bank winner, and now he has cashed in, and failed.

Others have done that too. No one else had cashed in on the United States Champion, however.

So…did Hunter just bury Theory? Not at all.

austin theory future bright
source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

Indeed, for Austin Theory, the future is still bright.

If anything, hearing the reports from behind the scenes, it may actually be even brighter.


The statement there supports that. Better off than before?

Well, no briefcase is a bummer…but who knows when WWE wants Reigns to drop the title?

Clearly, it wasn’t planned to be taken away by Theory via a cash-in.

Now, however? Theory is squarely in a feud with Seth Rollins, and surely has a renewed beef with Bobby Lashley.

In case it wasn’t clear, that puts him at odds with two of RAW’s top talents.

The cash-in probably helps further push Rollins back into top babyface space as well.

Given the state of things, the briefcase was a hindrance. Now removed, it will be interesting to see where things go.

Cena Wants Hollywood Return?

WrestleMania is heading there next year…so maybe John Cena wants a Hollywood return?

WrestleVotes, in speaking with GiveMeSport, says yes.

We’ve long heard, once WrestleMania was heading to Hollywood, all the buzz about The Rock possibly headlining.

That could still happen, but it sounds like he won’t be the only Hollywood celebrity aiming for a spot on the card.

Per the report, as of now, John Cena is both expected to be there, and expected to perform.

That is, of course, a lot more definitive than any whispers about The Rock.

austin theory future bright
source: @WrestleOps, twitter, screenshot

In fairness, one’s Hollywood star shines a wee bit brighter, making Rock’s schedule likely a bit more challenging.

As it stands, it would seem like Cena wants to be there, and perhaps has already ensured his schedule will permit him to perform.

It’s been quite a while since fans have seen Cena perform, so having him on the card would be a big attraction.

Could he knock off Roman Reigns to claim that elusive record-tying title win?

Doesn’t seem likely, but who knows.

I feel like he and Austin Theory have some unfinished business, so perhaps we see that pairing.

Theory, for his part, posted this on Wednesday…

We are not all that far from the Road to WrestleMania…so things should start coming into focus in a matter of a month or two.

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