edge left judgement day
source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

After being booted from the group during RAW this week, fans are wondering why Edge left The Judgement Day so soon…and we have answers. Plus, one wrestling legend did not like the MJF promo from last week’s AEW Dynamite.

Why Edge Left The Judgement Day

If you watched RAW, you may have been asking why Edge left The Judgement Day, so soon after he started the group.

Now that we’ve had a couple days to process it…we have some better answers.

Initially, if you browsed sites and Twitter, one popular belief was that this move was in direct response to Cody Rhodes and his pec injury.

There may be some extra motivation in that, but that does not appear to be the main driving factor.

Adding Finn Balor was not a rushed decision. That rumor had been out there ahead of Hell In A Cell, and in some instances, the turn was expected during their mixed tag match on Sunday.

Instead, we got the reveal on Monday. And instead of abandoning AJ Styles and Liv Morgan…Balor helped Ripley and Priest turn on Edge.

But why?

Why did Edge leave The Judgement Day, months after it started?

Per Fightful, WWE wants to take the group into a more supernatural direction.

edge left judgement day

source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

Edge was not on board with that, and it made the turn and his exit make more sense.

While adding Balor was in the works for a while, the turn on Edge apparently only came to be hours before it actually happened.

I don’t really know why WWE would want to push the group even more to the supernatural. Adding a Superstar with a demon persona fit the group regardless, however.

It is a little notable that Edge didn’t seem to like the desired push to the more supernatural.

Considering his past in The Brood, and his recent, if brief. revivals of that side of his character…how much further did WWE want to go, that he didn’t like?

Still, in the grand scheme I can’t hate the move-just the timing or speed of it. Priest, Ripley and Balor are all younger and could use a push. 

Edge, as a Hall of Famer, doesn’t need the boost as much.

And…and angry face Edge (plus some friends) against The Judgement Day? Could be a solid program leading to SummerSlam, for sure.

Legend Did Not Like MJF Promo

While it got people buzzing, at least one wrestling legend did not like the MJF promo from last week’s AEW Dynamite.

The promo has been called MJF’s pipe bomb, akin to what CM Punk pulled off in WWE.

Thus far, it remains unclear how much was planned. Some are calling it a work, some are calling it a shoot.

Not helping matters? All the pieces moving around as this is going on.

Ahead of the most recent AEW PPV, MJF no-showed a meet and greet. Enough was done to have some concerned he wouldn’t even work his match on Sunday with Wardlow.

He did, and he lost. And he showed up to Dynamite and cut an extremely powerful promo.

But, Jake “The Snake” Roberts did not like the MJF promo.

edge left judgement day

source: @nodqdotcom, twitter, screenshot

In fact, Roberts, on his podcast, said it made him sick.

Roberts wondered how the AEW locker room took his comments. Its a fair question, considering it has been reported that many in AEW were in the dark about any and all MJF plans.

While limiting the people who know about a big angle is a great way to keep things a surprise…this might be an exception.

Whether it is an angle or not, Roberts didn’t care for it. I do wonder if, say, the entire locker room effectively knew MJF was going to go out and rip Tony Khan-and were OK with it-would Roberts think differently of it.

It will be interesting to see how things move forward in AEW, since at this point MJF seems to be getting removed from a lot of things.