karrion kross Punished NXT
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In case you were wondering why Karrion Kross has been punished to lose on RAW, it involves Vince McMahon and issues with NXT. Plus, some news on how Natalya is rapidly recovering from her recent injury.

Karrion Kross Punished Because Of NXT Turmoil

Do you want to know the reason behind Karrion Kross losing?

Of course you do…because it was inexplicable how WWE booked the NXT Champion to lose…to Jeff Hardy…in his RAW debut.

Well, is it really that inexplicable?

karrion kross Punished NXT

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Sometimes, the obvious answer actually is the answer…even it is so outlandish that it really should not be true.

According to the Wrestling Observer, Karrion Kross has been treated so badly via his early booking…as a direct result of how Vince McMahon feels toward NXT.

And in case you haven’t been paying attention recently, the black and gold brand has been quite shaken up.

First, there were many Superstars unhappy with how Kross lost his debut on RAW. Never mind that the debut happened to little fanfare.

Next, Vince McMahon and Nick Khan chopped many big names from NXT.

On top of that, there are as-yet-unofficial reports that McMahon wants massive changes to the NXT brand.

One of those potential massive changes?

Add to this the rumblings that Vince McMahon blames Triple H for losing the Wednesday Night War with AEW. You know, the war that Vince told us wasn’t happening?

I mean, he even recently doubled down, saying AEW wasn’t competition.

Funny thing is, there are plenty of former WWE Superstars now working in AEW. There are a bunch more that are, or will be, able to be there soon, too.

And, if WWE continues to treat some NXT Superstars, called up or not, as they have Karrion Kross…perhaps some begin to ask out on their own?

Natalya’s Recovering

OK, it can’t all be bad news. Now, we can talk about how Natalya is rapidly recovering from an unfortunate injury.

Her rapid recovery is one major reason why both she and Tamina have held on to the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships.

karrion kross Punished NXT

source: custom, Natalya twitter screenshot

In another report courtesy of the Observer, Natalya is rapidly recovering in large part due to a rather cutting edge procedure she underwent.

Per the report, Natalya had a simulated ligament used to surgically replace the one she snapped.

So, rather than needing to wait for her own ligament to heal, she is rapidly recovering.

After all, she still has tag titles to defend.

There is no word yet on whether Natalya would be cleared to return ahead of Saturday’s SummerSlam.

Surely the Queen of Harts would like to be there. It’s a safe bet that she’d like to defend those tag titles, too.

But, ultimately, the goal would be for a recovery and long term health. If that means she needs a couple more weeks to heal, so be it.

Whenever she does return, Natalya and Tamina will not have a shortage of challengers awaiting them.