Robert Roode Surgery
Source: @wrestlingdelive, Twitter, Screenshot

Robert Roode has been missing from TV and apparently it involves surgery. Also, Finn Balor is rumored for a big push going forward.

Robert Roode Undergoes Surgery

Believe or not, but Robert Roode has been off WWE TV since June. His partner, Dolph Ziggler, remained busy by going to NXT.

Apparently, Roode just underwent a medical procedure in Birmingham, Alabama. In the past, many wrestlers and athletes use Southlake Orthopaedics and Andrews Sports Medicine.

The nature of the procedure is still known. Roode posted on Instagram, but mostly thanked the doctors.

“Heading home after what is hoped to be a successful trip to Birmingham, AL,” wrote Roode. “Big thank you to Southlake Orthopaedics and Andrews Sports Medicine for taking great care of me this week. Especially to the first class medical staff of Dr. Micheal Ellerbusch, Dr. Andrew Cordover, and Dr. Charles Carnel.”

There was a small bandage spotted near Roode’s neck, so that might be a clue.

The former NXT World Champion has mostly remained in the middle of the pack since moving to the main roster. His most memorable moments are likely working with Ziggler.

Before WWE, Roode had a major run in Impact Wrestling. He was part of Beer Money and even won the World Championship during his decade run.

Big Finn Balor Push

Robert Roode Surgery

Source: ProWFinesse, Twitter, Screenshot

Since Finn Balor joined WWE, he mostly worked as a face. He found great success in NXT, but the main roster has been a different story.

In the beginning, Balor was a given a huge push. In his first pay per view, Balor defeated Seth Rollins to become Universal Champion.

Due to an injury during the match, Balor had to vacate the title before even defending it. Now, fans are seeing a new side of Balor.

WWE removed Edge from The Judgement Day stable and Balor has become the leader. And, Wrestle Votes reports a bigger push seems be on the horizon.

“I’m told that significant plans are lined up for Finn Balor in the future,” the report stated. “I don’t know exactly for what those plans are, but he is a strong favorite of the new leadership group. Expect Finn to play a big role in the foreseeable future of WWE.”

Currently Balor still needs to finish his storyline with Edge. They are booked for Extreme Rules in an I Quit Match next weekend.

With Triple H running the show, Balor getting a push makes sense. Vince McMahon was always a fan of the larger wrestlers, but Triple H has a different mindset.

Considering Balor was booked so well when Triple H oversaw NXT, that pattern should continue. Already, fans are seeing a very different WWE without Vince.