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FTR Discuss Future Wrestling Plans, AEW Star Has Surgery

As a busy 2022 winds down, FTR discuss their future wrestling plans. Plus, one AEW star has surgery, which explains his absence.

As they wind down an eventful 2022 in the ring, FTR discuss their future wrestling plans. And, having been off television for a bit now, one AEW star has surgery.

FTR Discuss Future Wrestling Plans

It has been a bit of a crazy year for Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood, and now FTR discuss their future wrestling plans.

The duo landed in AEW in 2020, following a run with WWE.

They’ve enjoyed success all along the way. 

While they are not the current AEW tag champions, they do hold the tag titles for ROH, IWGP and AAA.

2022 has been largely good for them, as you can see by the gold haul.

But there were some less than ideal happenings. For example, they somehow did not make the AEW video game.

With the change in WWE leadership, many current AEW stars who flourished in Hunter’s NXT are eyed as possible return candidates.

FTR fits that bill, but what are their future wrestling plans?

Dax Harwood talked to Fightful to discuss those plans, and things could get interesting.

First and foremost, Harwood effectively confirmed when their current AEW contracts expire.

ftr future wrestling plans
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Signing with Tony Khan in 2020, their current agreements are due to expire in April of next year.

Right off the bat, that would mean no chance of a Rumble entry, or anything around WrestleMania.

But…the duo might not even want to be back in WWE.

According to the comments, Harwood and Wheeler might take a year off of wrestling for “big promotions”. That would imply that perhaps they take time away from both WWE and AEW.

Doing so would allow them to pick and choose which indy bookings they want…and they certainly seem happy working that circuit.

Still, it is fun to think about what FTR could do in a WWE main roster under Hunter.

AEW Star Has Surgery

He’s been absent for a bit, and fans were wondering if he was exiting the company. Instead, we now know that one AEW star has had surgery.

At least that explains some of the absence, if not the cryptic tweets.

Andrade El Idolo has made news a few times in 2022.

He wrestled alongside his father-in-law, in what was said to be Flair’s last match (but probably won’t be).

There was also that spat between he and Sammy Guevara, where Tony Khan ended up suspending Andrade.

And now…his first surgery.

So, while some have wondered if Andrade is going to be leaving AEW sooner than later…for now, anything is on pause.

ftr future wrestling plans
source: @andradeelidolo, twitter, screenshot

A torn pectoral is no joke, and it’s not a rapid recovery process. Just remember, Cody Rhodes is recovering from a similar injury.

Whatever Andrade opts to do next, we do wish him a speedy recovery.

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