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Dax Harwood CM Punk
March 24, 2023
According to FTR’s Dax Harwood, AEW needs CM Punk. And, if Bray Wyatt doesn’t make WrestleMania 39, a possible replacement for Bobby Lashley.
Sami Zayn Title Win
February 17, 2023
It seemed like Sami Zayn and a title win was out of the question, but they may have changed. And, FTR does not like two AEW champions.
AEW Star WWE Return
February 14, 2023
An AEW star recently hinted at a WWE return on social media. Plus, WrestleMania 39 update, as the company is bringing back movie parodies.
Doudrop's WWE TV Absence
January 3, 2023
Doudrop’s not been on WWE TV lately, and WNZ has the story on behind her absence. Plus, Dax Harwood has some issues with his new podcast.
ftr future wrestling plans
November 30, 2022
As a busy 2022 winds down, FTR discuss their future wrestling plans. Plus, one AEW star has surgery, which explains his absence.
FTR Out Tony Khan
October 2, 2022
FTR has called out Tony Khan for not being booked in matches as of late. And, did AEW contact Candice LeRae before she returned to WWE?
aew stars missing game
August 29, 2022
It may be winning awards, but right now some major stars are missing from the AEW video game. And, will Samoa Joe return soon?
FTR Rumors WWE Back
April 24, 2022
There are rumors WWE wants FTR back and they have a reply. And, take a look at a crazy wedding reception with a heavy wrestling theme.
WWE Interested In MJF
December 16, 2021
As per a report, WWE and its TV partners are quite interested in MJF. Plus, two AEW starts recently removed a fan from Dynamite’s backstage.
Big AEW Star Threatened To Quit
A big AEW star threatened to quit the company on social media after a missed opportunity. What are the consequences.
Bo Dallas Bray Wyatt Angle
February 8, 2021
An idea was pitched for Bo Dallas & Bray Wyatt to be paired together. See why it didn’t unfolded. And, Dax Harwood opens up about his bulimia.
Karl Anderson The Kliq
August 18, 2020
Former WWE wrestler Karl Anderson dropped a bombshell this week, claiming members of The Kliq truly hate one another and it’s all an act.
In a recent interview, Dax Harwood said that working for AEW is a dream compared to the WWE. And it is clear when just looking at FTR.
Brock Lesnar's Return
Brock Lesnar’s return to WWE is apparently getting close. Also, FTR are currently working under a handshake deal with AEW and have not signed contracts.
The WWE fights The Revival Over Trademarks
The WWE is taking on The Revival after their release in a trademark dispute. Will Wheeler and Harwood win the fight for their property?