FTR Rumors WWE Back
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If the rumors are true and WWE wants FTR back, they might be out of luck. Also, Chris Jericho shared a clip of what he is calling the greatest wedding reception ever.

FTR On Rumors WWE Wants Them Back

Some people dream of becoming a pro wrestler. A few are able to accomplish the goal, which is when things get tricky.

There are plenty of wrestling promotions around the world, but only a few have a TV deal.

Therefore, at least in the United States, WWE was the only option for about 20 years. Then, AEW came along and they are signing big names while also building their own stars.

FTR, Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler, have been teaming for a bit. They worked in WWE as The Revival, but eventually left and signed with AEW.

Now, there are rumors that WWE wants FTR back. On the Wrestling Perspective Podcast, Hardwood dressed the rumors and seems content at his current job.

“I think both companies are in the business of getting talent and getting talented talent,” said Hardwood. “Not just any talent.” 

“And, I think they’ve seen the wave we’ve made, especially in the last 8-10 months, more so in the last 4 months. So yeah, why wouldn’t they put feelers out? Why wouldn’t they ask about it?”

“Here’s the thing. We respect Tony so much.” 

“We would never, in a million years, while we’re under a contract with the company, would we ever go behind his back and talk contract status with anybody else.” 

“No other company. We would never do that to him because we have too much respect for what he’s given us and what he’s allowed us to do.”

WWE Rumors Probably Won’t Bring FTR Back

When FTR left WWE, it was on a sour note. Despite getting some small pushes and title reigns, they were not happy.

So, both asked for their release several times. Eventually, after months, WWE caved and FTR finally got their wish. 

The move to AEW has been very successful for the two. They won the AEW World Tag Team Championship for a few months.

Currently, they have tag team gold from ROH and AAA. So, FTR are finally getting the push they always wanted and deserved.

Crazy Wedding Video

FTR Rumors WWE Back

Source: @WWEonFOX, Twitter, Screenshot

The world of pro wrestling knows no boundaries. People imitate the wrestlers they see on TV everywhere, including weddings.

There have been plenty of weddings where wrestling becomes a theme. Well, for one couple, they had the greatest wedding reception Chris Jericho has ever seen.

As seen down below, he shared the video. From what we can tell, two people are dressed as Jericho and The Rock.

Some fake shots are thrown, the bride uses a chair as a weapon, someone goes through a table and more. Really, the video needs to be seen as words do it no justice.


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