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Bret Hart Rips Into Vince McMahon, AEW Signs New Talent

Bret Hart is still mad about the Montreal Screwjob as he feels Vince McMahon is a liar. And, AEW has signed another talent to their roster.

Bret Hart is still mad about the Montreal Screwjob as he feels Vince McMahon is a liar. Also, AEW has signed another talent to their roster.

Bret Hart Rips Into Vince McMahon

25 years ago this month, the infamous Montreal Screwjob took place. For those who were not alive back then, here is what went down.

Bret Hart was leaving WWE for WCW. At the time, he was the WWE Champion and he did not want to lose the title in Canada. 

Vince McMahon was in tough spot as he did not want Bret bringing the belt to WCW. So, Vince and Shawn Michaels made a deal in the back.

Basically, the pay per view went as planned. Michaels put Hart in his own submission and Earl Hebner called for the bell.

Bret never tapped and the show ended with lots of confusion as Bret destroyed the ringside area. Over a decade later and Bret would eventually, briefly, return to WWE.

Fast forward to today, fans still talk about the moment. Some think it was all scripted and others, like Hart, are adamant Vince is a liar.

“Vince was the one that was dishonest and lying to me and setting me up and playing games,” said Hart. “If you watched that A&E special, you’ll notice that they still try to lie and pretend that they were somehow in the right or they did the right thing.” 

“That I was unprofessional and I should have just done as I was told. I’d never refused in my whole life, ever, to lose to another wrestler.” 

“Never mattered to me. It doesn’t matter to me now. I never refused. And it wasn’t because I was in Canada or anything like that.” 

“I lost many matches in Canada. It was just personal pride between two wrestlers.”

We will never know the truth of what transpired during that event. The only person who knows the whole story is Vince and he seems content on staying silent. 

AEW Signs New Talent

Bret Harts Vince McMahon
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Some say Konosuke Takeshita is the future of pro wrestling. If that is true, then AEW is in a good spot.

Before Full Gear, Tony Khan confirmed the news on Twitter.

Before signing with AEW, Takeshita worked with some of their talent. Although he lost to Adam Page, Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston, those are some known names.

His last AEW match was this week. On Rampage, he teamed up with Jun Akiyama and defeated Kingston and Ortiz.

With only 14 months of AEW training, Takeshita is turning heads. Now, the AEW roster is packed, so he needs to find a way to to be featured weekly.

If I was AEW, have Takeshita work alongside Kingston for a few months. Let him absorb the culture and bring his own style of wrestling to TV.

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