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Young Bucks Contract Status
January 5, 2023
The Young Bucks are major AEW stars. With their current deals up soon, what are contract status? Plus, the company plans to push a new talent.
Bret Harts Vince McMahon
November 20, 2022
Bret Hart is still mad about the Montreal Screwjob as he feels Vince McMahon is a liar. And, AEW has signed another talent to their roster.
AEW Two-Night PPVs
August 22, 2022
Like their competition, will AEW try hosting two-night PPVs? And, a popular wrestler prefers working for AEW over WWE.
wrestlemania for the rock
March 28, 2022
Every year it comes up, so let’s ask again…what are future WrestleMania plans for The Rock? And, one popular star is returning to AEW.