What’s Vince McMahon Up To? + Logan Paul Injury Update

Now that he's finally retired, what's Vince McMahon up to these days? WNZ has the answer to this. Plus, an Logan Paul injury update.

For some fans, it’s still hard to believe that Vince McMahon has retired and left the WWE. It was something that many thought would never happen. Yet, here we are. So, what is the former Chairman up to, these days?

What’s Vince McMahon Up To?

Vincent Kennedy McMahon was infamously known for his “workaholic” ways. As such, many wonder what’s keeping him busy now.

According to Fightful Select, those working at the company right now haven’t heard much from VKM. The report also notes that McMahon has been keeping busy and “getting out”.

Vince McMahon Is Up To … Enjoying Retired Life

Vince was spotted back in August, celebrating his 77th birthday with guests like Brock Lesnar, John Cena, and WWE commentator, Pat McAfee. A photo also recently surfaced on social media of Vince out with an unknown woman.

The WWE was the center of VKM’s life for many years. While he went out in a controversial fashion, at least his enjoying retirement.

As some may remember, Vince was “forced” to retire this past summer, following a number of scandals. One major one was the investigation into VKM paying former employees off to cover up affairs and other scandals.

The WWE board launched an investigation earlier this year. However, during the Q3 conference call, it was announced the matter investigated was completed.

Over to other news, Logan Paul performed a stellar match at Crown Jewel’s main event. Sadly, he got injured.

How’s he doing? WNZ offers an update, below.

Logan Paul Injury Update

During a recent chat with DAZN Boxing, Jake Paul, Logan’s brother, recently stated his injury sustained at Crown Jewel isn’t as bad as initially thought. Jake notes he’s doing “better” than expected.

Vince McMahon Up To
Source: @reighns_era, Twitter, Screenshot

In fact, Logan’s brother also says they thought it was an ACL. However, it ended up being meniscus and MCL, which Jake notes is “better”.

Jake also states that Logan is “hoping for the best” and rehabbing in L.A. Here’s hoping he has a smooth and quick recovery.

Logan Paul’s WrestleMania 39 Hopes

It was reported recently that Logan had a “serious” knee injury (the right one). While he hasn’t talked about the condition, he did state he’d be out of action for a while.

Despite all this, Logan Paul still has hopes he’ll face John Cena at WM 39, which is taking place in Los Angeles. Will he recover in time?

Logan Paul first entered the WWE in April 2021 on SmackDown, as Sami Zayn’s guest for his red-carpet premiere. He was then ringside during Zayn’s WM 37 match against Kevin Owens.

On September 3rd, Paul appeared on The KO Show as Happy Corbin’s guest, and the two attacked Owens. Logan would pop up once again in the WWE during the February 21 edition of RAW.

It was revealed at this time that Paul would be The Miz’s tag partner against the Mysterios (Rey and Dom) at WrestleMania 38. While Logan and Miz won the match, the pairing had a falling out at the event.

In June of this year, Logan signed a multi-event WWE contract. Logan would participate at the 2022 SummerSlam event, defeating The Miz.

While he failed to capture the WWE Universal Championship at Crown Jewel this past November 5th, it’s undeniable that Logan put on one incredible match. How will he fair with Cena, if the two wind up in a match?

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