Triple H Shocked Paige
Source: @WrestlingEdge, Twitter, Screenshot

For some reason, when Paige signed with AEW, Triple H was shocked. Also, details on how Renee Paquette landed a new home.

Triple H Shocked Over Paige

Paige became a known TV name thanks to WWE. Unfortunately, she was not allowed to compete for them because of a neck injury in 2017.

Now, she is part of AEW and going by the name, Saraya. Also, she is likely to wrestle and Britt Baker seems like the first opponent.

According to Fightful, Triple H wanted to bring her back to TV when he took over. Triple H was described as ‘shocked’ to learn a deal could not be made and she was going to AEW.

Once Saraya retired, WWE had her return as general manager. That role had no value when WWE, briefly, attempted to improve the product without a brand split.

Renee Paquette – AEW Details

Triple H Shocked Paige

Source: @wrestling_VI, Twitter, Screenshot

There were several big moments from AEW’s debut in Canada during Wednesday’s episode of Dynamite. One of those moments occurred within the first minute of the episode.

Renee Paquette officially started with the promotion. Her first assignment was speaking to Christian Cage before his hired-gun, Luchasaurus, took on Jungle Boy.

She would continued to be featured throughout the episode as she spoke to people backstage.

On The Sessions, Paquette went over the process of joining AEW. The move was not shocking, considering Jon Moxley is heavily involved in what AEW produces.

“I miss the crowds, I miss the lights, the outfits, and the aspect of putting on an actual show,” said Paquette. “I’m ready to get out of my f—ing sweatpants is what I’m saying.”

“I never really talked to Tony [Khan] about coming into AEW. A lot of it was, this is probably going to sound bad and I’m sure people are going to take this out of context, but honestly, a lot of it was talking to Jon.” 

“As he’s thinking about what the shows look like and his role, most of our conversations were internally between Jon and I about figuring out that I want to do something and come back.”

Jon Moxley Factor

“Him and Tony are obviously very close. It was more so them talking about it because I think a lot of people thought I was sort of done with wrestling to a degree, and maybe they didn’t want to ask me to do something that they thought I didn’t want to do or they didn’t want to step on Jon’s toes.” 

“Those are all very real things. It was just the timing of everything.” 

“I want to be there as a broadcaster, as a personality, I want to be able to help other people if they want or need help. I want to be an ear for people any way that I can and use my eight years of experience having worked in WWE to see how I can help in AEW.”

She continued how the decision to bring her to TV happened very fast. 

We already know Moxley signed a contract extension for five years. The three-time AEW World Champion will continue to wrestle and also serve as coach.

There is no word on what type of deal Paquette has inked. In her first night, she was heavily featured and the crowd loved it.